BroadLight awarded PON dynamic bandwidth allocation patent

AUGUST 17, 2009 -- The new patent further extends BroadLight's IP rights throughout the entire GPON traffic management system, says the semiconductor and software supplier.

AUGUST 17, 2009 -- BroadLight (search Lightwave for BroadLight), a supplier of GPON semiconductors and software, has been awarded patent number 7,573,897 by the U.S. Patent Office for a "Method and grant scheduler for cyclically allocating time slots to optical network units." The patent applies to a grant scheduler and method for cyclically allocating time slots to traffic container (T-CONTs) included in one or more optical network units (ONUs) for transmitting respective data based on known respective service-level agreements (SLA) for each T-CONT.

"BroadLight has always been focused on improving our OLT design and put a special effort on innovative dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithms," says Eli Weitz, chief technology officer of BroadLight. "This systems-level knowledge and IP protection is a major competitive advantage and our customers will benefit from this in every IC design we deliver to the market."

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