Enablence selects BroadLight's ICs to power TRIDENT7 ONTs

JANUARY 5, 2009 -- Enablence says it will start using BroadLight's end-to-end BL2345 and the BL 2348 Communications Controllers ICs for expanding its GPON product portfolio of ONTs and residential gateways.

JANUARY 5, 2009 -- In response to growing customer demand for high-performance and low-cost GPON equipment, Enablence Technologies (search for Enablence) today announced that it will be expanding the use of BroadLight's (search for BroadLight) end-to-end GPON Communications Controller integrated circuits (E2E GPON ICs) for its high-speed GPON residential gateways and optical network terminals (ONTs). 

According to Enablence, it has been successfully shipping GPON products incorporating BroadLight's BL2338 and BL2340 Communications Controller ICs and now will start using the BL2345 and the BL 2348 Communications Controllers ICs for expanding the Enablence GPON product portfolio of ONTs and residential gateways. The Enablence Optical Line Terminal (OLT) platform currently incorporates BroadLight's BL3458 Communications Controller ICs for OLTs.

The BL2345 and BL2348 system-on-chip (SoC) communications controllers are designed to meet the high-performance requirements of GPON-connected ONT and residential gateway devices, note BroadLight representatives. The BL2345 and BL2348's dual core network processor architecture provides the flexibility, high-performance, and low-power features necessary for WT-156-enabled high-speed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The BL2345/48's embedded Ethernet MACs and home networking interfaces enable a variety of data port configurations and connectivity options.

The BL3458 four-port GPON OLT controller, meanwhile, consumes just 4 Watts in a 35- x 35-mm package, claims BroadLight. The BL3458 includes four ITU-T G.984-compliant MACs; an embedded processor for device provisioning and controlling; a Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) engine; burst-mode CDR and SERDES; seamless connectivity to the leading Ethernet switches and network processors for WT-156-based service provisioning; and proven interoperability and performance, says the company.

"BroadLight is the clear market leader in the GPON space by delivering products that power the entire GPON system," contends Bill Saunders, Enablence's vice president of engineering. "We have had a long-term relationship with BroadLight, and as demand for our GPON equipment continues to expand, BroadLight's IC solution was the best way to get to the market quickly with a low-cost and powerful GPON product line with Enablence's own PLC-based technology."

"Our GPON communications controller IC product shipments are now ramping as we are seeing GPON becoming more pervasive throughout the access market," adds Didi Ivancovsky, founder and vice president of marketing for BroadLight. "Our GPON communications controllers are enabling our customers to deliver complete GPON solutions at an attractive price point in all market segments."

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