Verizon selects OFS's EZ-Bend cable to support MDU FIOS deployments

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 -- OFS claims its new technology can improve bending performance by up to 500x.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 -- OFS has announced that Verizon Communications Inc. will be purchasing and installing OFS's EZ-Bend multiple dwelling unit (MDU) drop cable in its MDU FIOS applications. OFS believes its EZ-Bend technology will satisfy Verizon's critical need for fast and economical fiber deployments in MDU installations by allowing cables to be bent and routed in ways that were not feasible before using traditional optical drop cables.

"The benefits of bringing fiber to the MDU were apparent to Verizon with higher bandwidths than copper wiring," says William Kloss, OFS executive vice president of marketing and sales, North Americas & CALA. "We needed to create a new technology to make reaching customers faster and more cost-effective for Verizon or any service provider deploying fiber drop cables to apartments and condominiums. The EZ-Bend technology offers up to a 500-fold improvement in bending loss performance over conventional singlemode fiber (SMF) type cables under the tight bends routinely encountered in MDU and in-residence installations. This means the optical signal will not leak in tight bends so that ultrahigh-speed video, Internet, and voice services can be reliably delivered to customers. The benefit for Verizon and other service providers is lower-labor, higher-velocity installations to help reach customers faster with lower cost."

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