Opulan, Hisense, and Vitesse demonstrate 10G EPON symmetric platform

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 -- The demo includes OLT and ONU devices from Opulan Technologies and Hisense Broadband, as well as a transceiver by Vitesse.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 -- Opulan Technologies, Hisense Broadband, and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. have announced their live demonstration of a 10G EPON system at P&T/Wireless & Networks China 2009 (Booth #E1051), an information and communication technology (ICT) exhibition. The demo includes devices from each of these technology suppliers.

Opulan Technologies features its recently announced 10G EPON symmetric and asymmetric chip technology, which includes the newly developed 10G EPON optical line terminal (OLT) unit OPL-06761 and the optical network unit (ONU) OPL-06760. Hisense is showcasing its ONU and OLT optical modules -- specifically, the LTX7218 at the OLT and the LTX7219 at the ONU. Vitesse's VSC8479-01 burst-mode 16-bit transceiver plays a role in the demonstration as well. The device interfaces between the Opulan MACs and the Hisense modules at both ends of the link. Vitesse's complete ONU chipset reference design VSC5602EV-05 will be part of the live demo at the show.

"Working with recognized industry leaders like Hisense and Vitesse has allowed Opulan to rapidly deploy its 10G EPON MAC solutions into the marketplace," says Zheng Liu, president and chief executive officer, Opulan Technologies. "Through successful participation in multiple-vendor, chip-level interoperability tests, we have proven that Opulan can provide a very competitive solution into the rapidly expanding 10G EPON marketplace worldwide."

Opulan was one of four participants to successfully undergo chip-level interoperability testing organized by China Telecom. The company's platform been deployed in field trials for several provinces in China by all three major carriers: China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile.

"Hisense, after thoroughly evaluating the market potential, committed our technical resources to the 10G EPON module space, enabling us to quickly become a global leader," says David Li, chief scientist and chief technology officer, Hisense Broadband. "This strong position will allow us to participate in the continuing system field trials along with the upcoming volume deployments."

Opulan and Hisense have also joined the Vitesse-founded FTTX Technology Ecosystem. The FTTX Ecosystem is a forum for companies across the entire PON hardware spectrum to work together to accelerate the deployment of next-generation 10GPON FTTX platforms.

The industry is experiencing rapid deployment of Gigabit Ethernet PON (GEPON) in the Asia-Pacific market which, according to Infonetics Research, is expected to exceed 30 million nodes in the next few years. Equipment vendors are looking for next-generation PON systems designed to meet expanding bandwidth demands. The recently ratified IEEE 802.3av 10G EPON standard provides a basis on which to begin system interoperability testing along with first-generation field trials. To learn more about the FTTX Technology Ecosystem and its members visit www.vitesse.com/fttx.

"As 10GPON deployments move from carrier-hosted lab interops into actual field trials, Vitesse is confident that the addition of Opulan and Hisense to the FTTX Technology Ecosystem will greatly strengthen the Ecosystem's contribution to the marketplace," says Gary Paules, product marketing manager, Vitesse. "We look forward to working closely with our FTTX Ecosystem members to help make widespread 10G PON deployments a reality in the near future."

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