Alloptic hauls anchor on marina fiber-optic deployment

JUNE 30, 2009 -- Rybovich Super Yacht Marina and Refit deploys fiber-to-the-slip using Alloptic fiber-optic infrastructure.

JUNE 30, 2009 -- Alloptic (search Lightwave for Alloptic), a developer of RF over glass (RFoG) and PON technologies, has provided its GEPON infrastructure to Rybovich Super Yacht Marina and Refit for deployment to its 60 yacht slips and throughout the 12-acre Rybovich property in West Palm Beach, FL.

"Rybovich is known for its world-class accommodations and service. By deploying Alloptic's fiber-optic infrastructure across our property, we increase the value we provide to our captains and their crews," says John Vander Wagen, chief information officer, Rybovich Super Yacht Marina and Refit. "Prior to the Alloptic deployment, our customers used their satellite connections for day-to-day business -- which in general was expensive and slow. Today, all mega-yachts docked at Rybovich Super Yacht Marina and Refit can securely access our dedicated, high-speed Internet and phone services at their slip, allowing them to conduct business without the additional fees of expensive satellite connections."

Nature also factored into the decision to employ Alloptic's technology. "Our copper system lasted only three years in these challenging conditions. We expect that fiber will last us 10-20 years and overall is much more reliable than copper," continues Vander Wagen. By locating Alloptic's optical network units (ONUs) in self-drying power pedestal enclosures at each slip, Rybovich Super Yacht Marina and Refit protects its investment against changing and sometimes harsh environmental conditions.

"With Alloptic's leading network access solutions, customers such as Rybovich can fulfill their network architecture needs today and ensure that their infrastructure will provide for their customers well into the future," says Shane Eleniak, vice president of marketing and business development for Alloptic.

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