BroadLight is awarded dual PON MAC patent

OCTOBER 29, 2009 -- The company says its new patent describes a "smooth automatic migration" from BPON to GPON.

OCTOBER 29, 2009 -- BroadLight, a supplier of GPON semiconductors and software, has been awarded patent number 7,609,967 by the U.S. Patent Office for a "Method and apparatus for automatically upgrading passive optical networks (PONs)." This patent describes how upon detecting a change in the PON mode from the first PON mode to the second PON mode, the optical network unit (ONU) synchronizes to operate according to the downstream and upstream configurations of the second PON mode.

"BroadLight has always been focused on developing technologies that help carriers to save both opex and capex. By implementing this patent in our flagship BL2338 SoC [system-on-chip], we are enabling carriers to migrate from BPON to GPON without spending extra money and manpower," says Didi Ivancovsky, founder, vice president, marketing of BroadLight. "The protected method is broad enough in serving all variations of PON standards."

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