Tennessee's EPB picks Adesta as deployment partner

JULY 13, 2009 -- Adesta partners with EPB as the service provider moves toward deploying what it says is one of the largest municipally owned fiber-optic networks in the United States.

JULY 13, 2009 -- Adesta LLC (search Lightwave for Adesta), a systems integrator and project management company for communication networks and electronic security systems, has been awarded a multiyear, multimillion dollar contract to provide network deployment and customer fulfillment services for EPB in Chattanooga, TN. Under this contract, Adesta will perform a variety of services to facilitate the EPB smart grid initiatives, communications, and entertainment services to its residential and commercial customers in the greater Chattanooga metropolitan area.

EPB is a municipally owned power utility company serving more than 168,000 customers in Chattanooga and surrounding areas of Tennessee. In the fall of 2007, EPB's Fiber Optics initiative was approved. Phase one of the 100% fiber-optic network is expected to be completed within the next 12 months. Once completed, says the service provider, it will be one of the largest municipally owned fiber-optic networks in the United States. The all-fiber infrastructure forms the backbone of EPB's Smart Grid, which is expected to help offset the rising cost of energy for customers, keep electricity as reliable and efficient as possible, and provide more options for customers to manage their energy use. Adding electronics to its fiber-optic infrastructure will also allow EPB to provide next-generation advanced communications services such as high-speed Internet, IPTV, and digital phone services.

"The EPB network utilizes Smart Grid technology that will save money and increase efficiencies by foreseeing and correcting deficiencies before they happen," says Bob Sommerfeld, president of Adesta.

"We look forward to working with Adesta as we make progress on our all-fiber-optic initiatives," says David Wade, senior vice president of EPB's Electric System. "Building a complete, 100% fiber-optic infrastructure to form our Smart Grid and provide our customers with access to next-generation advanced communications services will provide countless benefits to our community and position us for the future."

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