Arapahoe Telephone Co. to deploy FTTN

JULY 20, 2009 -- The independent carrier serving southern Nebraska has selected equipment from ADTRAN Inc. for its fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) deployment.

JULY 20, 2009 -- Arapahoe Telephone Co., an independent, family-owned carrier serving southern Nebraska, has selected the Total Access 5000 Multi-Service Access and Aggregation Platform (MSAP) and Total Access 1124P Outside Plant (OSP) Broadband Multimedia Gateway (BMG) from ADTRAN Inc. (search Lightwave for ADTRAN) for its fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) deployment.

"It was time for a network upgrade to enhance our ability to offer broadband services to all of our customers. The Total Access 5000 had the best mix of transport and access technologies to meet all of our needs," said John E. Koller, general manager, Arapahoe Telephone. "We are building a core network of Total Access 5000s and expanding out to lower line count areas with the Total Access 1124Ps. This was a more cost-effective solution than retrofitting legacy cabinets and also provided the added benefits of shortening loop lengths for next-generation broadband service delivery. Knowing that ADTRAN has tens of thousands of 1100s deployed, we were very comfortable with our decision."

The ADTRAN Total Access 5000 is a carrier-class multi-service access and aggregation platform with an all-Ethernet core that enables the platform to support both legacy and emerging service interfaces over copper and fiber. The Total Access 1124P combines the technology and cost-savings benefits of an OSP BMG, which allows service providers to deliver baseband POTS and broadband multimedia to any customer over a single phone line, with a POTS to voice over IP (VoIP) gateway to expand service delivery in the access network.


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