Silver Star Communications deploys Calix access infrastructure

APRIL 27, 2009 -- The Wyoming service provider has deployed Calix access infrastructure offerings to deliver advanced broadband services across the mountainous area.

APRIL 27, 2009 -- Calix (search Lightwave for Calix), a telecom equipment supplier focused on access technologies for broadband service delivery, has announced that Silver Star Communications, a progressive communications service provider based in Wyoming, has deployed the Calix unified access infrastructure across its network. Serving much of western Wyoming and eastern Idaho, Silver Star provides a wide array of traditional and broadband services, including wireline and wireless voice, high-speed Internet, and IPTV, to both residents and businesses. Silver Star, which leverages its existing copper and fiber assets and is also deploying fiber in all new builds, has deployed the Calix C7 multiservice access platform (MSAP), the Calix E-Series multiservice over Ethernet platforms, and the Calix P-Series customer premises solutions, as well as the Calix Management System (CMS), which provides end-to-end visibility across the entire unified access infrastructure.

According to Ron McCue, Silver Star Communications vice president and chief operating officer and chair of USTelecom, "Silver Star is no longer just a phone company. We are a broadband company. We see broadband as the lifeline technology of tomorrow, so when we choose a business partner, we are selecting the path to our future. We have selected Calix as our primary access partner not just for technology reasons, but because we see its business vision aligned with our goal of remaining our region's preferred broadband solutions provider."

Delivering cutting-edge services across a mountainous service area, Silver Star has balanced its investment in its existing copper infrastructure with investment in FTTP in all greenfield scenarios. Today, Silver Star is using both the Calix C- and E-Series, as well as the Calix family of 700G optical network terminals (ONTs), to deliver advanced services independent of media type. The hybrid model has allowed Silver Star to reach high-speed data penetration rates greater than 70% percent throughout much of its subscriber base.

Along with high-speed data services that range from 1 Mbps up to 100 Mbps delivered to the customer premises, Silver Star also offers IPTV, in-home network support, and a host of business services.

"Silver Star is a perfect example of the future of service providers in North America," says John Colvin, vice president of field operations at Calix. "The company has been able to provide its customers with a rich portfolio of broadband services by leveraging both copper and fiber and using a variety of product form factors to bring the highest speeds to residential and business subscribers alike."

Silver Star has been systematically gaining access lines each year in many parts of its service area, which includes the growing ski community of Jackson Hole, WY. The provider currently offers high-speed data services with up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth to the customer premises in parts of its service areas.

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