Allied Data Technologies selects BroadLight GPON chip

APRIL 16, 2009 -- Allied Data Technologies extends its program with GPON-enabled multiplay gateways based on BroadLight SoC.

APRIL 16, 2009 -- Allied Data Technologies has selected fables semiconductor supplier BroadLight's (search Lightwave for BroadLight) BL2348 Residential Gateway (RG) system-on-a-chip (SoC) for a new program of customer premises equipment devices.

The BL2348 leverages its Runner network processor to perform bridging and routing functions with throughputs of 1 Gbps. Its embedded GPON MAC, integrated VoIP DSP, Ethernet switch, and interfaces for Wi-Fi and USB create a single-chip technology in a 19x19-mm PBGA-441 package, working at industrial temperature range.

The new GPON program marks Allied Data Technologies entry into the FTTH and FTTB market. "Expanding our business into the fiber access arena is one of our strategic focus areas," says Jeroen van Eersel, managing director of Allied Data Technologies. "It will increase our market potential and offers great chances for us to prove and sell our value added partnership to our customers."

"The BroadLight BL2348 and BL2345 give us the right platform and fit our technology philosophy where we are continuously striving between cost optimization, flexibility, and performance," says Niels Everstijn, vice president, technology at Allied Data Technologies. "This new platform will be a good GPON foundation for our ADIOS Framework."

ADIOS, (Allied Data Intelligent Operating System) is a technology-independent operating system, which will be available on the company's new and future broadband access platforms. Allied Data Technologies says the framework is designed to be part of a service provider access network to create opportunities for up-selling and fast introduction of new services, lower operating expenses, and extended lifetime of equipment.

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