CIG implements discrete optics with Mindspeed devices

MAY 8, 2009 -- Mindspeed says its burst-mode laser driver and TIA enable Cambridge Industries Group to deploy lower-cost ONTs for GPONs.

MAY 8, 2009 -- Mindspeed Technologies Inc. (search Lightwave for Mindspeed), a supplier of semiconductors for network infrastructure applications, says that its M02090 laser driver with integrated limiting amplifier and M02015 transimpedance amplifier (TIA) have enabled Cambridge Industries Group (CIG; search Lightwave for Cambridge Industries Group), an independent GPON ONT supplier, to implement a bidirectional optical subassembly (BOSA) on-board design in dual closed-loop configuration, "significantly reducing" the cost of optical network terminals (ONTs) for FTTP applications.

The M02090 integrates a burst-mode laser driver with a limiting amplifier to deliver up to 2.5-Gbps data rates, addressing Gigabit Ethernet PON (GEPON) and Gigabit PON (GPON) applications. The device incorporates a proprietary dual closed-loop technology that provides real-time monitoring of, and compensation for, laser ageing and temperature effects.

The M02015 high-sensitivity TIA features an isolated current monitoring output, making it suitable for use with avalanche photodetectors. "By implementing the BOSA on-board with the M02015, we were able to reduce our bill of materials and with Mindspeed's M02090-based dual closed-loop solution, we were able to further eliminate costs by improving laser operation while lowering production testing," says Gerald Wong, chief executive officer at CIG, "thus allowing us to pass on the savings to our GPON ONT customers and accelerate the deployment of FTTP passive optical networks."

"We are pleased to enable industry innovators like CIG to lower the cost of their ONTs and facilitate the mass adoption and deployment of passive optical networks," says Hasnain Bajwa, Mindspeed's senior vice president and general manager, lightspeed connectivity solutions.

The M02090 and M02015 are fully qualified and shipping in production volume for FTTP applications.

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