Ericsson connects India residences with high-speed fiber

MAY 6, 2009 -- Ericsson's GPON system enables advanced entertainment services as well as automated lighting, electricity bill payment, and security services.

MAY 6, 2009 -- Ericsson (search Lightwave for Ericsson) fiber technology is connecting homes in India for the first time to high-end data, television, and communication services. An agreement with one of India's in-building management solution companies is the first step in bringing high-speed connectivity to millions of homes in the nation.

In a 3,000-unit complex near New Delhi, residents can now access personalized IPTV in high-definition, video-on-demand, and other advanced entertainment services. They can download data content at 100 Mbps and access Wi-Fi in the complex's common areas and gardens. Automated lighting, electricity bill payment, and security services are also being made possible with Ericsson's high-speed fiber access technology, including GPON. Ericsson's open network system allows residents to select services from an Internet service provider of their choice.

Demand for broadband services is quickly growing in India's dynamic market; Gowton Achaibar, president, Ericsson India and Sri Lanka, predicts that adoption of FTTH technology will be dramatic.

"Real-estate developers and property management companies realize that high-speed broadband access in the home is a value-added differentiator," Achaibar says. "Gratifying user experience, greater convenience, and a large and rapidly growing telecom market are all pointers to the immense potential of GPON in India."

The contract with property-management services provider Radius Synergies is the first such agreement for Ericsson with a customer in India's real-estate sector. AK Singh, chairman and managing director of Radius Synergies, says, "This is a great achievement and a significant development for India's economy, and it would not have been possible without Ericsson's platform expertise and solution-driven approach. Ericsson's solution enables us to cost-effectively offer residents a superior communications experience."

The end-to-end fiber access system from Ericsson includes the EDA 1500 GPON system, as well as Micronet and Ribbonet air-blown fiber and microcable. The contract also covers implementation, systems integration, consulting, training, and support services for Radius Synergies.

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