Alloptic taps Ikanos for VDSL2 chipsets

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 - Alloptic says it has selected Ikanos' VDSL2 chipsets for use in temperature-hardened ONTs targeting brownfield applications where replacing existing copper wiring with fiber is "expensive and often impractical."

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 -- Ikanos Communications Inc. (search for Ikanos Communications), provider of broadband semiconductor and software products for the digital home, today announced that its most advanced VDSL2 central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE) chipsets have been selected by Alloptic Inc. (search for Alloptic) for integration into the Xgen7500 Gigabit Ethernet optical network terminal (ONT).

The incorporation of the Ikanos chipsets enables the Xgen7500 to deliver 24 ports of up to 100-Mbps voice, data, and video services over traditional copper wiring, say Ikanos representatives.

"The Ikanos chipsets allow us to provide an incredibly cost-effective solution for high-speed access from a temperature-hardened ONT in brownfield situations," reports Shane Eleniak, vice president of marketing and business development for Alloptic. "These locations include residential neighborhoods, business parks, and multi-dwelling units of all kinds--apartments, office buildings, dormitories --where replacing existing copper wiring with fiber optics is expensive and often impractical. For the first time, service providers can reap the benefits of an optical access solution capable of delivering exceptional converged data, voice, and video services for just about what they would pay for ADSL or cable modem equipment," he says.

Alloptic says it chose Ikanos' FxTM100100-5 VDSL2 CO and FxTM100100S-5 VDSL2 CPE chipsets because they offer unsurpassed performance and reliability and the lowest power consumption per port in the industry. These multi-mode VDSL2 chipsets, which are optimized for IPTV and triple-play offerings, offer service providers a seamless migration path on which they can maximize their existing investments in broadband infrastructure, claims Ikanos.

"Alloptic is well respected for developing equipment that meets service providers' exacting specifications for delivering cutting-edge broadband services," notes Mitch Kahn, Ikanos' vice president of corporate marketing. "Alloptic's selection of Ikanos' high-performance VDSL2 chipsets will enable services providers to limit expenditures while quickly deploying premium multimedia services over fiber and copper access infrastructure."

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