Seven Iowa telcos select Occam Networks for triple-play services

SEPTEMBER 19, 2006 -- Cooperative Telephone Exchange, for example, has selected Occam for Gigabit active fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

SEPTEMBER 19, 2006 -- Seven local telecommunications carriers in Iowa have turned to Occam to upgrade their networks to deliver triple-play services to customers. Occam Networks Inc. (search Occam Networks) is a supplier of innovative Ethernet- and IP-based loop carrier equipment to ILECs, IOCs, and other telecommunications companies.

Farmers Mutual Telephone Cooperative/USACommunications sells local and long distance phone service, cable TV, DSL, and related services. Farmers has deployed several Occam BLC 6000 blade types, the majority being the BLC 6252. Farmers is now offering subscribers complete triple-play services at current speeds of 28 Mbits/sec and potential speeds up to 1 Gbit/sec.

"We studied the solutions proposed by several companies and selected Occam Networks' BLC based on the ease of deployment, proven technology, and customer service," explains Mark Harrison, general manager of USACommunications. "We are convinced that Occam's BLC equipment gives us the simplest and most reliable solution with the flexibility and scalability we need to best serve our customers."

Alpine Communications currently provides local and long distance service to six exchanges in northeast Iowa. Alpine offers customers a range of telecommunications services from Caller ID and Voice Mail to Internet, long distance plans, and special circuits. Headquartered in Elkader, Alpine Communications also offers cable television service in seven rural communities in northeast Iowa.

Alpine required a solution that would enable the carrier to increase bandwidth to customers through itc existing platform and AFC cabinets. Occam installed BLC 6214 blades that provide the bandwidth required to offer video services and includes a splitter that allows POTS lines to be directly affixed to the blade, enabling both POTS and ADSL2plus to be delivered to subscribers, say Occam representatives. The 6214 fits inside Alpine's existing cabinets, avoiding the need for expensive cabinet replacement.

Northeast Iowa Telephone (NEIT), based in Monona, offers customers a range of landline and cellular voice services, DSL, and digital cable television. NEIT required a solution to shorten broadband loop lengths to facilitate triple-play services. NEIT deployed Occam's BLC 6000 system in combination with a leading softswitch product, which enables NEIT to complete a pure IP connection at the switch, removing the need to convert back to a TDM digital connection.

Baldwin/Nashville Telephone Company, headquartered in Baldwin, sells local and long distance phone service, DSL, and cable television services. Baldwin/Nashville completed a switch replacement project and also selected Occam as an access gateway to their new softswitch.

Schaller Telephone Company offers landline voice, DSL, and digital cable television services. Based in Schaller, the company utilizes Occam equipment to offer POTS and DSL from remote cabinets. Occam installed BLC 6252 blades to integrate with the company's existing Class 5 switch.

Cooperative Telephone Exchange, based in Stanhope, sells phone, DSL, cable television and related services. The company selected Occam for Gigabit Active FTTH (Fiber to the Home). They will be providing FTTH services to more than 500 homes and offer triple-play services.

Andrew Telephone, offers multiple voice and data services. The company deployed Occam BLC 6314 blades in a DSLAM configuration.

"Occam's BLC product line gives local telcos unprecedented options for upgrading their networks while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX," contends Russ Sharer, vice president of sales and marketing for Occam Networks. "The growing interest in Occam's BLC solutions demonstrates the simplicity of our technology and quality of our service. We are excited to help these seven Iowa telcos offer customer new services and expand their businesses."

Occam Networks is a leading provider of loop carrier equipment to local telcos in Iowa. Nearly 20 Iowa incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) are Occam customers.

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