Mexican resort taps Alloptic for FTTx project

OCTOBER 24, 2006 -- El Tamarindo Resort and Spa represents Alloptic's first contract in Mexico.

OCTOBER 24, 2006 -- El Tamarindo Resort and Spa has deployed the Alloptic (search Alloptic) GEPON system to provide voice, data, video, building automation. and security services throughout the resort.

"The Alloptic platform has exceeded our expectations," reports Kai Hintze, director of Hintze ITC, Alloptic's distribution partner. "We were looking for a solution that would allow us to more efficiently distribute and manage the DSL connection we have to [the] TelMex network, and what we have with the Alloptic solution is full access network solution. This allows us to go beyond simple data service delivery and provide an integrated services solution," Hintze contends.

"El Tamarindo marks our first deployment in Mexico," adds Shane Eleniak, vice president of business development and marketing for Alloptic. "We are pleased to be working with Hintze ITC on this project. We are finding that resort developments, like El Tamarindo, are an ideal application for our GEPON solution. It provides the resort operator greater functionality at a substantially lower cost than traditional infrastructure technology," he says.

According to Alloptic, its GEPON (search ) system is the only one five years of field-hardened, operational history. The Alloptic system leverages a standard ITU PON architecture while delivering a gigabit of bandwidth. With a native ability to support traditional TDM voice over an Ethernet-based platform, Alloptic says it is able to provide today's worry free telephone services while seamlessly supporting next-generation services like IP HDTV.

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