Occam Networks nabs Iowa FTTP win

NOVEMBER 13, 2007 -- Alpine Communications is upgrading its network to provide triple-play FTTP services using Occam's Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC) 6000 system.

NOVEMBER 13, 2007 -- Broadband access network supplier Occam Networks Inc. (search for Occam Networks) today announced that Alpine Communications is upgrading its network to provide triple-play fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) services with Occam's Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC) 6000 system. Headquartered in Elkader, IA, Alpine serves 6,300 subscribers in seven rural communities throughout the northeast part of the state.

Alpine has purchased Occam's BLC 6312 Optical Line Termination Blades and ON 2342 Optical Network Terminal Active Fiber Triple Play Gateways. Alpine will manage the all-IP network, one of the largest FTTP networks in the state and the first to incorporate Nortel's CS 1500 communications server, which will act as the IP voice switch, say representatives for the provider.

"We've had great success working with Occam in the past and are enthusiastic to continue our relationship as we implement our strategy of moving to an all-FTTP network," contends Chris Hopp, general manager for Alpine Communications. "In our applications, active Ethernet makes more sense than GPON, and Occam lets us make that choice." (See "Occam launches GPON product line".)

"Active supplies a dedicated 'pipe' that provides full bi-directional bandwidth," Hopp continues. "As services evolve to include bandwidth-intensive applications like video, we believe having intelligent devices at the edge of the network is advantageous for the following reasons: multicast streaming, ease of management and troubleshooting, flexibility in providing new services, and low first subscriber costs," he explains.

Alpine began its relationship with Occam in September 2006. The companies say their first project together included retrofitting Alpine's network with Occam's BLC 6214, which combines POTS and ADSL2+ in a single high-density blade.

Alpine Communications offers its subscribers triple-play services, including local and long distance voice, data, and video. Alpine also delivers cable television service in seven rural communities.

"Our relationship with Alpine continues to grow as the company upgrades its network," notes Nathan Harrell, vice president of sales for Occam Networks. "Occam's ease of deployment and rapid 'time to revenue' has enabled Alpine to upgrade quickly and generate new revenue streams."

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