Connexion Technologies is Corning ClearCurve customer

OCTOBER 2, 2007 -- Connexion Technologies is deploying products from Corning Cable Systems' new ClearCurve product suite in a West Palm Beach, FL, MDU installation.

OCTOBER 2, 2007 -- Corning Cable Systems (search for Corning Cable Systems), part of Corning Inc.'s Telecommunications segment, says that Connexion Technologies (search for Connexion) is deploying products from Corning's new ClearCurve product suite in a West Palm Beach, FL, multidwelling unit (MDU) installation. The ClearCurve product line takes advantage of Corning's new "bend-insensitive" optical fiber, designed to sustain virtually no attenuation loss when bent to a minimum bend radius of 5 mm.

Connexion Technologies is using Corning Cable Systems' ClearCurve Rugged Drop Cable in the MDU deployment. The 4.8-mm-diameter cable has a self-bend-limiting feature designed to prevent the fiber from exceeding the 5-mm minimum bend radius no matter how the cable is bent. Corning says the cable can be handled in any way that copper communication cables are handled, such as being pulled through wall studs and stapled to wood.

"I cannot overstate the increase in efficiency of installation and quality of service for our partners due to the development of the ClearCurve products," said Glen Lang, CEO of Connexion Technologies. "This is a breakthrough product that will dramatically impact the economics of the FTTH industry."

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