Momentum launches FTTP initiative for master-planned communities in the Southeast

APRIL 17, 2007 -- Momentum's first FTTP installation is the Creekside of Auburn community in Birmingham, AL. It is the city's first FTTP buildout.

APRIL 17, 2007 -- Momentum, a division of Momentum Telecom, today announced a fiber-to-the-premises (search for FTTP) initiative for new master-planned communities via a comprehensive digital community platform.

Through partnerships with real estate developers, Momentum is providing customers in master-planned communities with digitally equipped homes and businesses. Without the hassle of installation after moving, the homes will feature move-in ready access to advanced services, including video, voice, data, and security services, as well as dedicated local community intranet sites.

Momentum says it works in conjunction with residential and mixed-use real estate developers of new master planned communities to readily equip all homes and businesses with the infrastructure necessary for advanced fiber services, giving developers a key competitive advantage while offering consumers a move-in ready, cost effective communication suite. Momentum's first FTTP installation is the Creekside of Auburn community in Birmingham, AL. It is the city's first FTTP buildout.

"FTTP is going to be a key technology that will allow consumers to take full advantage of advanced services, including HDTV," explains Vince Vittore, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "While many large-scale projects by incumbents are focused on building out fiber to existing homes in their coverage areas, there is a tremendous opportunity for CLECs to tap into the new planned community market."

Momentum says it is initially targeting new communities with at least 2,000 homes in the Southeast for its FTTP offering. Because the company is working hand-in-hand with developers on communities still in the construction phase, Momentum's pure fiber buildouts have minimal effect on home and neighborhood development projects, say company representatives. In addition to added services, customers may also see a $4,000-8,000 increase in property values due to the built-in nature of fiber being directly connected to their future-ready homes, adds Momentum.

"With our new FTTP offering, Momentum is providing our customers not only the most advanced fiber network that will accommodate emerging technologies without additional infrastructure installation, but also reliability levels and customer service that ensure one point of contact and increased personalization," notes Alan Creighton, president and CEO of Momentum. E

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