Corning and Lightwave open nominations for fourth-annual FTTXcellence Award

May 1, 2007
MAY 1, 2007 -- Corning and Lightwave are honoring an individual for his or her contributions to the deployment of optical access networks in North America with the fourth-annual FTTXcellence Award, to be presented October 1, 2007, FTTH Conference in Orlando, FL.

MAY 1, 2007 -- Corning Inc. (search for Corning) and Lightwave magazine are honoring an individual for his or her contributions to the deployment of optical access networks in North America with the fourth-annual FTTXcellence Award. The award will be presented on October 1, 2007, at the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Conference in Orlando, FL.

"The FTTXcellence Award has received outstanding nominations in the past three years, and we have recognized three deserving individuals for their contributions to the FTTx market," says Larry Aiello, president and CEO of Corning Cable Systems. "As the leader in passive solutions for FTTx, it is fitting that Corning does its part to recognize those who lead to its success."

"FTTx technology promises to provide a wealth of new, high-speed services to homes and businesses across North America," adds Stephen Hardy, editorial director and associate publisher of Lightwave. "We at Lightwave are pleased to partner with Corning to recognize those who have taken the lead in bringing these benefits to consumers and other end-users."

To be eligible to win the award, candidates must be nominated by a peer. Nominees may include individuals at carriers and system operators, home developers, utilities, municipalities, or other organizations that have launched a fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) project; individuals at vendors or research organizations whose work has benefited FTTx technology development; politicians or other policymakers who have made a significant impact in the regulatory or legal arena; and other deserving individuals.

Nominations are accepted online at and must be received by August 10, 2007. A panel of judges from Corning and Lightwave will select the winner from the submitted nominations.

In addition to an awards ceremony at the FTTH Conference, the winner will be honored with a donation in his or her name to One Economy Corp., a national non-profit organization created to maximize the potential of technology to help low-income people build assets and raise their standard of living. The winner will also receive an award of Steuben glass, crafted by the world-renowned glass artists of the Steuben Glass studios in Corning, NY, and will be profiled in an issue of Lightwave magazine.

Glen Lang, CEO of Connexion Technologies, received the 2006 FTTXcellence Award. (See "FTTxcellence Award winner stumps for FTTH"). Lang worked to develop a system to make building an optical infrastructure profitable. He led Connexion's effort to provide advanced services to residents through FTTH, which has resulted in widespread developer acceptance, increased industry attention, and vendor commitments.

George Bell of Verizon was the winner of the 2004 FTTXcellence Award. (See "Tinkering works well for FTTxcellence Award winner"). In his nomination form, Bell was praised for his leadership and spirit to deploy innovative solutions that make FTTx a reality. James Hettrick with the City of Loma Linda, Calif., received the 2005 award (See "Loma Linda's FTTP initiative earns award"). As director of information systems for the city, Hettrick led Loma Linda to become the first city in America to pass an ordinance requiring FTTH and structured-wiring infrastructure in all new home and business developments.

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