New FTTH network in Denmark delivers triple-play services

May 25, 2007
MAY 25, 2007 -- HP and Cisco have teamed with MidtVest Bredbaand (MVB), a Denmark-based broadband provider, to build a high-speed, FTTH network for the delivery of advanced services such as video on demand (VoD) and interactive TV to homes and businesses.

MAY 25, 2007 -- HP (search for HP) has teamed with Cisco (search for Cisco) and MidtVest Bredbaand (MVB), a Denmark-based broadband provider, to build a high-speed, fiber-to-the-home (search for FTTH) network for the delivery of advanced services such as video on demand (VoD) and interactive TV to homes and businesses.

Using the new network, MVB's Content Denmark subsidiary will deliver Internet, digital TV, and voice services to more than 200,000 customers. For example, Content Denmark customers can use their TV sets to surf the web and send email, access telephone voice mails, enjoy interactive TV, and download movies or other video on demand, say MVB representatives.

Stretching the definition of "triple play" into "multiple play," MVB says it plans to add other services in the future, including high-definition TV programming, storage on demand, and remote back-up and restoration of data.

HP worked closely with Cisco, MVB, and Content Denmark, to build the network, implement HP operations support systems (OSS) management software, train the Content Denmark staff, and provide ongoing mission-critical support services for network operation.

"With the Cisco fiber-to-the-home network, MVB has laid the foundation for a truly exciting customer experience," reports Lars Peter Christiansen, operation manager, MidtVest Bredbaand, A/S. "The HP OSS tools help us improve that customer experience by automating many of the complexities of network and service management. At the same time, they help us reduce the internal costs associated with operating complex, converged services."

According to HP, its OSS software provides staff with an integrated "console" to view and manage all applications and services in the network. With this highly efficient tool, say HP representatives, the staff can see and resolve problems before they degrade service to Content Denmark customers. Conversely, Content Denmark builds trust with customers by allowing them to view their own service profile through an online portal run by HP OSS software.

"MVB has a clear vision to develop highly automated services that deliver outstanding customer satisfaction, and it is producing significant advances in high-speed networks, service delivery, and service management," adds Norm Kincl, director of operations solutions, Communications, Media, and Entertainment, HP. "HP, partnering with Cisco, is helping operators like MVB achieve these positive business outcomes as they deploy fiber-based IP networks and next-generation OSS."

The Ethernet-based point-to-point FTTH network (search for E-FTTH) delivers bandwidth of up to 100 Mbits/sec. The network uses the Cisco 7600 Series Routers and Cisco Catalyst 4500 E-FTTH switch to provide fiber access to the MPLS core network. According to Cisco representatives, the E-FTTH design uses a per-service virtual local area network architecture to provide the security and quality of service required to support voice-over- IP (VoIP) and IP television (IPTV). The network data center runs on the HP BladeSystem with HP StorageWorks EVA SAN arrays and Cisco MDS9216i Multilayer Fabric Switches supporting Fiber Channel over IP.

"The transforming network continues to deliver more types of digital voice and video application services to consumers from any device and at anytime," notes Paolo Campoli, director of SP Solutions Development at Cisco. "The Cisco IP Next-Generation Network, in combination with HP services and software, provides MidtVest a complete fiber-to-the-home platform to keep the competitive edge in digital IP entertainment, Internet, and voice communications for their customers across Europe."

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