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Oct. 1, 2002
Engineering design kit The Fiber Optic Engineering Design Kit contains Miniflex Optical Fiber Bend Limiting Tubing, which provides bend and crush protection for fragile fiber-optic cable. Also contained in the kit are a variety of breakout units and routing devices to provide bending, crush, and strain-relief protection through critical breakout and points-of-cable vulnerability in a design as well as standard wire routing devices and cable management equipment.Richco Inc., Chicago
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Four cassette design variations in the Series 2000 will fit into optical distribution frames, 1-6U panels, and wall-mounted enclosures. The Value-added Cassette is used as a secure housing for splitters and wavelength-division multiplexers. The Through-splicing Cassette can splice tubes together with a no-patching facility or a combination of splice and patch. The Preterminated Cassette enables skilled and nonskilled workers to install any length cable quickly and easily and allows for resplicing if cable faults occur. The Patching Cassette presents a point of presence within a system by rerouting patch cords within the network.
Splice (UK) Ltd., Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
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systems & subsystems

The TereScope 1 optical wireless system, part of the company's Photonic Air Link (PAL) all-optical free-space optics series, delivers fiber-speed service for through-window applications without electric power on the rooftop or electrical cords. The passive electronics and power-independent unit can be connected directly via fiber optics to a switch module, offering data rates of 1-100 Mbits/sec at distances up to 300 m. Protocol-independent, TereScope 1 provides easy integration with any existing structure, including twisted-pair (DSL), Category 5, fiber, and wireless. The company also claims the system is 100% immune to radio-frequency and electromagnetic interferences.
MRV Communications, Chatsworth, CA
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Based on the company's multibeam, multipath free-space optics technology, FlightSteam is designed for mobile wireless tower installations, providing scalable bandwidth from T1 and E1 up to 52 and 155 Mbits, respectively, and carrier-class redundancy features. The system has full network management from an indoor unit that provides power redundancy and hot-swappable networking modules, allowing carriers to instantly increase bandwidth capacity without interrupting network service. Designed to operate under diverse weather conditions, the standard version covers distances up to 1,000 m and the extended-range version up to 4,000 m.
LightPointe, San Diego
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The RJ format optical transceiver for use with the InfiniBand communications standard operates at 2.5 Gbits/sec in heavy-traffic environments such as servers, remote storage devices, and multiprocessor systems. The single-port and quad-port RJ-style packages are available with duplex LC connector interfaces at each port for 850-nm VCSEL multimode-fiber applications with link distances up to 250 m and for 1310-nm Fabry-Perot laser singlemode-fiber applications up to 10 km. The transceiver has low jitter levels over the Bellcore/Telcordia operating-temperature range of -40°-85°C for use in rough industrial or outdoor applications. It uses multidie hybrid technology to integrate into a package the size of an RJ-45 housing.
Stratos Lightwave, Palm Bay, FL
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The high numerical aperture and core index of refraction of the 1060 Select Cut-Off singlemode specialty fiber provides efficient coupling to components and allows for tighter bends when designing small-form-factor optical components and subsystems. Applications include laser-diode pigtails and fused fiber couplers.
StockerYale Inc., Salem, NH
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test equipment

The handheld Back Reflection (return loss) Meter for optical components features a dual-wavelength (1310/1550-nm) source and an optional detector for insertion loss measurement. Both singlemode and polarization-maintaining devices and connectors can be tested. The rugged unit has a simple intuitive user interface, 65-dB dynamic range, and variety of accessories. An RS-232 communications port is included for connection to a computer, allowing remote control and data logging of the test results for quality control.
OZ Optics Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario
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For automated board assembly, the modular conveyors consist of standard, pre-engineered, and pre-tested building modules—used to build most of the company's handling systems—to increase response and delivery times, improve product reliability, quickly implement design improvements, and increase service training and product expertise. Building blocks include a conveyor assembly, lift assembly with standard mounting plate, gate assembly, touchscreen HMI, common PLC-based control system, mechanical clamping, and vacuum clamping. A variety of configurations can accommodate each of the company's wire-bonding, die attach, and automated assembly cells for first-level interconnect, laser-diode attach, RF component assembly as well as the manufacture and assembly of broadband components.
Palomar Technologies, Vista, CA
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