AFL enhances NOYES FCP2 Field Portable Cleaning Kits

AFL says it has expanded the capabilities of its NOYES FCP2 Field Portable Cleaning Kits via the addition of an inspection scope, power meter, and light sources. The cleaning kits now offer an even more complete kit for field cleaning of connector end-faces in a duffle bag style carry case, according to the company to create a complete.

The FCP2 Basic Cleaning Kits, designed for field use, now include the following standard and optional features:

  • FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaner, a nonflammable, environmentally safe, residue-free solvent for cleaning fiber-optic connector end-faces
  • One-Click Cleaners, a push-action cleaning tool for cleaning connectors on jumpers and in adapters
  • FiberWipes that remove and traps common contaminants and can be used dry or with AFL’s FCC2 solvent for wet cleaning
  • Cletop Cassette Cleaner, a rugged palm-size cleaner with anti-static properties that minimizes reattachment of dust to the ferrule after cleaning
  • Carry case
  • An MPO/MTP Option adds MPO/MTP cleaner to the basic cleaning kit
  • An Inspection Option that adds the OFS300-200 scope to the basic cleaning kit
  • The Inspection and Loss Test Kit Option includes basic cleaning kit plus the OFS 300-200 scope, CSM1-2 power meter, CSS1-MM light source, and the CSS1-SM light source.

“Technicians need a kit with a variety of cleaning tools that can be easily carried in the field,” explains Kevin Haddock, product manager for AFL’s Test and Inspection division. “AFL responded to customer requests and expanded the kit options so customers can now order the basic cleaning kit, cleaning kit refills, basic kit with MPO/MTP option, or inspection and loss test kit options.”

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