Sempra Energy Unit unveils new fiber-in-gas technology

July 19, 2001--Sempra Communications, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, unveiled new technology to tackle the telecommunications industry's "last mile" problem.

Sempra Communications, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE), unveiled new technology to tackle the telecommunications industry's "last mile" problem -- getting fiber-optic cable from outlying networks into buildings -- by utilizing the national network of natural gas distribution pipelines.

Sempra Communications has invented a proprietary, patent-pending process to place fiber-optic cables into the existing infrastructure of natural gas pipelines. It will market the technology through a new subsidiary called Sempra Fiber Links.

The Sempra Fiber Links process encases the fiber-optic cable in a polyethylene conduit that is inserted into natural gas distribution lines. The conduit is the same material used in plastic gas distribution pipes all over the world. Because gas pipelines already are in place underground, the Sempra Fiber Links technology does not require large-scale trenching in streets and sidewalks traditionally done to lay fiber lines.

According to the company, because of its less invasive and less labor-intensive method, the process is quicker than traditional installation of fiber. It also does not inhibit the gas utility from performing any duties necessary to protect public safety.

Michael Clover has been appointed president of Sempra Fiber Links.

About Sempra Communications:

Sempra Communications provides telecommunications infrastructure and services to national and international markets.

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