NY Thruway contract

Dec 1st, 1995

NY Thruway contract

MFS Communications Co. Inc., Omaha, NB, has signed a contract with the New York State Thruway Authority to design, integrate and support a fiber-optic communications system along the Thruway Authority`s 641-mile route and right-of-way. The project includes construction of a communications conduit system and fiber-optic network for high-speed digital voice, data and video communications. Revenues to support project financing may be generated by leasing excess fiber-optic and conduit capacity to communications companies. When completed, this communications system is expected to have an estimated value of $55 million.

Also, MFS was granted authority by the Georgia Public Service Commission to provide the full range of competitive local telephone exchange services in Georgia. The company has been providing special access and private-line services to large businesses in Atlanta for several years, over its 1340-route-mile fiber-optic network.

The company`s U.K. operation, MFS Communications Ltd., is expected to spend $16 million to add 36.5 route kilometers of fiber-optic cable to London`s network and that of surrounding areas via leased lines. The London backbone network will be expanded 31.5 km westward to include Paddington, Kensington, Hammersmith and Cheswick. The company will install a 5-route-km campus network in Heathrow.

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