Charles fiber crossconnects offer alternative to metallic crossconnect cabinets

SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 -- CFXCs provide a crossconnect and testing point between the feeder network and the distribution field in FTTH networks.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 -- Charles Industries Ltd., a provider of outside plant equipment for communications service providers, has expanded its family of fiber-optic pedestal lines with the introduction of Charles fiber crossconnects (CFXCs) for point-to-point architecture fiber networks. CFXCs provide a crossconnect and testing point between the feeder network and the distribution field in FTTH networks. Compared to traditional metallic crossconnect cabinets, the company says its above-grade pedestal form factor is more convenient and less costly to install.

Unlike metallic crossconnect cabinets, the lift-off dome design of CFXC pedestals provides flood-proof environmental protection, Pennwell web 250 196allowing them to be installed in almost any location. Their compact size compared to large cabinets makes them easier to install and suited to small communities and neighborhoods. Right-of-ways are no longer a concern, according to Charles Industries, and the units can be placed directly in the ground without the need for an expensive concrete pad.

CFXCs feature a prestubbed crossconnect bulkhead with user-specified SC/APC or SC/UPC connectors. The bulkhead is sealed inside an inner dome that protects connectors from dust, insects, and other contaminants. Routing guides are provided for organized fiber management of shielded or all-dielectric ribbon or loose-tube fiber cable. Once placed in the network, technicians may turn up new customers quickly and easily by placing a preconnectorized jumper from the feed panel to the distribution panel, all located on the front panel of the bulkhead.

"Placing metallic crossconnect cabinets is often cost-prohibitive in small subdivisions and groups of homes," says Minesh Patel, vice president of Charles Industries' OSP Business Unit. "Charles fiber crossconnect pedestals are right-sized for these applications, with room for future expansion. By utilizing CFXC and doing away with permits and concrete pad placements, service providers realize a substantial cost savings."

CFXC are available in three pedestal diameters and five frame sizes with up to 48 (8-in.), 72 (8-in.), 96 (10-in.), 144 (12-in.), or 288 (12-in.) fiber connections. Both stake-mount and vault-mount configurations are available. Vault-mount models are appropriate for locations that require splice case or slack cable storage at the same location as the crossconnect placement.

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