Draka unveils 300-lb drop cable with bend-insensitive fiber

SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 -- Draka's ezInterconnect MDU drop cables with BendBright-XS allows for smaller and lighter drop cable, helping achieve green initiatives in the last mile.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 -- Draka Communications – Americas announces an extension to its line of ezPREP central loose tube fiber-optic drop cables by launching a new 300-lb tensile rated design with a choice of three different levels of bend-insensitive fiber.

"Draka believes in innovation that creates value for our customers and helps them do more, make more, save more, and achieve more. Our leadership in bend-insensitive fiber technology gives us a wide range of opportunity to improve and reinvent the world of fiber-optic cable, especially in the last mile. In this case the customer gets a fantastic new product and one that helps them achieve their green initiatives," claims Greg Williams, director of marketing for Draka Communications - Americas. "Smaller and lighter cables will allow for more fiber capacity inside of existing splice closures, cabinets, and pedestals, and the potential is also there for hardware products to become smaller and more aesthetically pleasing."
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Draka's 300-lb drop cable is available from 1 to 12 fibers, gel or dry tube, is round in shape, armored, bends in any direction, and contains a single tube. The product is multipurpose and appropriate for aerial, duct, or direct buried applications. All three of its bend-insensitive fiber options are available: BendBright, BendBright-XS, and BendBright-Elite. The product complies with GR-20 and RUS standards and is available with indoor- or outdoor-style connectors and with HLC Scratchguard technology.

The HLC Scratchguard process, developed by Megladon and utilized by Draka, improves quality and durability for drop cables, according to Draka. Through a patented thermal process, the connector endface is hardened, which produces a tempered fiber mating surface capable of resisting scratches, repeated plug-ins, and other harsh industrial elements.

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