Draka makes NZDS large-effective-area fiber available in all cable designs

OCTOBER 28, 2009 -- The company's NZDS-LA is readily available in a variety of cable designs for applications ranging from metro to long-haul networks.

OCTOBER 28, 2009 -- Draka Communications - Americas, a supplier of fiber and fiber cable technologies, has announced the availability of non-zero dispersion-shifted, large-effective-area (NZDS-LA) fiber into all outside plant cable products for a variety of applications ranging from metropolitan to long-haul networks.

Draka has expanded the application of this fiber, introduced in 2007, into all loose tube, ribbon, and central tube cable product families. "It is important for us to offer customers a broad range of options when building or restoring metropolitan, regional, and long-haul networks. Customers win by having a full complement of cable designs plus a wide variety of choices for fiber types, to adapt to the diversity of legacy and newly built optical fiber cable infrastructure," says Greg Williams, director of marketing at Draka.

NZDS-LA joins Draka's Teralight fiber, a high-performance, non-zero dispersion-shifted long-haul fiber that has been available for 10 years in loose tube, ribbon, or central tube cable types. Teralight long haul fiber was introduced in 1999 and meets ITU G.655 and G.656 industry standards.

In addition to meeting the ITU G.655 performance standard, the NZDS-LA fiber cable product offers several features and benefits:
a high-quality glass with sharp refractive index design manufactured using Draka's proprietary PCVD and APVD processes
the "EzPrep advantage," Draka's cable design intended to simplify installation

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