Siemon releases MTP fiber-optic cabling products

APRIL 24, 2009 -- Siemon says its plug-and-play fiber-optic cabling system was designed to satisfy the needs of high-performance data centers.

APRIL 24, 2009 -- Siemon (search Lightwave for Siemon) has introduced a new and expanded line of high-performance MTP plug-and-play fiber-optic cabling products. Constructed of high-quality fiber-optic cable and components for futureproof support of critical data center links including 10-Gbps as well as future 40- and 100-Gbps applications, the Siemon plug-and-play system's factory-terminated and tested connections are designed to provide maximum channel throughput without the performance variability of field terminations.

The turnkey offering can be ordered to fit the application then pulled and connected -- allowing high-performance data center links to be deployed 75% faster than traditional field terminations, according to the company. Siemon also says its new products provide a "greener" approach, eliminating the waste associated with additional connectors, termination kits, and other consumables.

The system includes new low-profile MTP-to-LC or -SC modules, MTP pass-through adapter plates, and preterminated MTP-to-MTP and MTP-to-LC cable assemblies.

Newly designed to be lightweight, low profile, and easier to install, the modules feature 12-fiber MTP connections at the rear of each module, providing up to 24 LC or 12 SC connections in the patching field via snap-in mounting within standard Siemon RIC and FCP fiber enclosures and VersaPOD vertical patch panels. The modules provide optimized adapter spacing for easy finger access to fiber jumper latches in high-density patching environments as well as reduced mounting depth to maximize cable management space in fiber enclosures. In addition to plug-and-play modules, the company offers pass-through MTP adapter plates, designed to support up to six MTP-to-MTP connections in a single adapter plate.

The modules and adapters are supported by an array of factory-terminated cable assemblies that combine Siemon's reduced-diameter RazorCore cable with 12-fiber MTP connectors. MTP-to-MTP reels are designed to be quickly pulled and connected to plug-and-play modules and MTP adapter plates. Available in 12- to 144-fiber counts in increments of 12 fibers and in custom lengths, the reels are user-configurable to precise application requirements.

The new cable assembly line also includes new MTP-to-LC trunking assemblies that offer a connectivity transition from 12-fiber MTP connectorized RazorCore cable to duplex LC connector breakouts. These trunks may be implemented with Siemon's MTP adapter plates to provide direct MTP-to-LC patching options over a range of distances and infrastructure configurations. The company also offers a hydra option for creating direct MTP-to-LC equipment connections, typically in connections within a rack or cabinet. MTP-to-LC Hydras plug directly into an MTP reel via an MTP adapter and provide up to 12 jacketed LC (six duplex) "legs," eliminating the need for fiber jumpers.

All Siemon plug-and-play products are available in multimode (62.5/125, standard 50/125 and laser optimized 50/125) and singlemode fiber types. Assembly jacket ratings include riser, plenum, and LSOH.

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