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April 1, 2005
The uOR-100 multimode micro OTDR has a dynamic range of 26 dB for premises applications, and the uOR-200 singlemode micro OTDR offers four versions with dynamic ranges from 31 to 43 dB for accurate measurements in long-haul and outside plant applications. The lightweight, handheld, PC-based ODTRs operate with a USB interface, eliminating the need for batteries. It tests fiber links for breaks, splice loss, attenuation and distance using Windows 9x/NT//2000- and XP-compatible software, which can display, store, read, analyze, and print several traces at the same time. Advanced Fiber Solutions, Milton, MA,

For FTTX applications, the FS-1318 tri-wavelength fiber source and FM-1318 optical power meter are in a new case equipped with a bale that offers more flexible mounting positions. The single-port fiber source uses an SC/UPC connector port and provides 1310-, 1490-, 1550-nm wavelengths allowing it to test PONs at the three main wavelengths recommended by ITU G.983.3 for use in FTTH and FTTP networks. The unit also provides continuous wave, 270-Hz, 1-kHz, and 2-kHz modulation. The power meter is calibrated at 850-, 1300-, 1310-, 1490-, 1550-, and 1625-nm wavelengths to test PONs according to G.983.3. With the additional wavelengths, the meter can be used for general-purpose testing of multimode- and singlemode-fiber systems. It also detects and displays 2 kHz and easily stores a reference measurement making “zeroing” out the meter a simple time-saving step.

Wilcom, Laconia, NH,

The Optixia high-density six-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet test platform provides 600-Gbit/sec full-duplex or 1.2-Tbit/sec total bandwidth for Layer 2 and 3 traffic generation, IP routing emulation, and application testing. With scalability up to 60 ports, it is suited for validating and accurately testing next generation metro Ethernet and triple play services. Because of its CPU per-port design, the platform can generate and track hundreds of millions of unique packet flows while simultaneously performance testing for IPv4/IPv6, IP routing, MPLS, and QoS metrics. It also supports Layer 4 through 7 testing applications.

Ixia, Calabasas, CA,


The ClearSpectrum fully integrated tunable dispersion compensation module allows for colorless dispersion tuning at each receiver, as required in 40-Gbit/sec transmission links, or simultaneous dispersion trimming of multiplexed DWDM channels. Dispersion level is accurately controlled using standard digital communications interfaces.

TeraXion, Sainte-Foy, Quebec,

The fully Telcordia-qualified (GR-1073) UC2 1×4, 1×8, and 1×16 optical switches can operate in either multimode or singlemode and either latching or non-latching mode, incorporate either customizable integrated control protocol or allow for direct connection to all channels, and offer wide working spectral range capability (850, 1280-1340, and 1520-1625 nm). The switches feature low insertion loss (0.8 dB for 1×4, 1 dB for 1×8, and 1.2 dB for 1×16), low PDL (<0.05 dB), and excellent return loss and crosstalk (>65 and <-65 dB, respectively). They are suited for telecom, sensor/monitoring, automation, and government/aerospace applications. Customized designs are also available.

TransOptiX, Irvine, CA,


For optical edge network applications, the GigaMux 50 CWDM platform supports up to four high-bandwidth full-duplex services on a single fiber. Each service may carry up to 2.5 Gbits/sec over distances up to 70 km. Carriers and their subscribers are provided with pay-as-you-grow flexibility. Preliminary installations can be used to offer existing services such as OC-3/12, then expand to new services. Available in a compact 1-RU package that is easy to install, provision, and maintain, the platform supports all key network protocols, including Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Ficon, and Escon as well as SONET/SDH services.

Zhone Technologies, Oakland,

An environmentally hardened system with integrated transport for remote ring applications, the FiberPath 590 OLT+ platform enables carriers to migrate their legacy networks directly to an all-fiber all-IP GPON network in all applications. Service providers planning BPON deployments and subsequent upgrades to GPON can go straight to GPON without an initial BPON installation. Carriers can install the GPON platform up to 52 miles from the central office, enabling significant reach for delivery of IP triple play services to rural and remote developments or to support CLEC expansions into underserved areas. At the same time, carriers have the flexibility of tapping the platform’s full range of copper and fiber line cards to support legacy systems and services. The platform is engineered with enough bandwidth to preclude carriers from ever having to replace a chassis.

Optical Solutions, Minneapolis,

The NextGen Brand UL-type ONFP-approved indoor/outdoor plenum-rated 900-µm distribution cable comes with any industry-standard optical fiber, including G10X and G10Xplus 50/125 fibers that provide 10-Gbit/sec performance over 300 and 500 m at 850 nm, respectively, as well as low water peak singlemode fiber for CWDM applications. Because the plenum rating meets inter-building installation requirements, entry-way transition splice points can be eliminated. Termination time and expense associated with breakout kits also can be eliminated because 900-µm buffered fibers allow for direct termination of connectors. General Cable, Highland Heights, KY,
Conforming to the emerging 10GBase-LRM standard allowing transport of 10-Gigabit Ethernet data over installed multimode fiber at distances up to 300 m, the PDCS65T photodiode features 65-µm optical aperture and capacitance <300 fF, while the PDCS60T-XS photodiode, with 60-µm optical aperture and capacitance <220 fF, provides an additional reduction of capacitance and chip size. Detection of multimode 10-Gbit/sec signals at 1310 nm requires large optical aperture and low capacitance. The high-speed photodiodes offer high responsivity of typically 0.95 A/W and low reverse bias of <2 V in analog and digital applications. Albis Optoelectronics, Rueschlikon, Switzerland,

The Pathways high-performance independently tested end-to-end PON components and connectivity products enable customers to implement reliable FTTP networks, including fiber to the home and business as well as multidwelling units (MDUs). These flexible and scalable products extend through the central office/headend (CO/HE), outside plant (OSP), and customer premises/MDU, enabling service providers to deliver high-speed, bandwidth-rich, converged services over a single network. CO/HE solutions include high-density fiber distributing frames, termination patch panels and splice shelves, cable assemblies, WDM and optical-component modules and shelves, and entrance splice enclosures. OSP solutions include a fiber distribution hub to facilitate service connection and provide a primary convergence point for locating optical splitters in the OSP. Customer premises/MDU solutions support low- and high-fiber-count applications and include environmentally protective enclosures, cable assemblies, and connectivity components.

Fiber Optic Network Solutions (FONS), Marlboro, MA,

The Fitel S121S handheld fusion splicer’s more compact canopy shortens the required fiber length on one side by 50%, from 70 to 35 mm, for FTTX and LAN installations where fiber length is often very short. One-third the size of standard portable splicers, the lightweight body enables high-quality automatic splicing in one hand. Splicing is also faster due to the built-in fiber holder, which eliminates the need for special preparation with 250- and 900-µm single fibers. The splicer also provides comprehensive data storage, including estimation loss, inspection data, and the date of up to 1,000 splices. This data can be transferred to computer using a dc adapter.

Furukawa America (FAI), Peachtree City, GA,


For automated cleaving of fiber-optic connectors, the Comet noncontact laser-based cleaver developed by Corning Cable Systems and exclusively licensed by Sagitta augments the latter’s existing Gemini-Cx processing cell, which integrates polishing, cleaning, and inspection in a single manufacturing platform for the low-cost production of simplex and multifiber optical connectors. The laser cleaving technology is designed to increase production yield and connector performance, particularly for emerging mass market applications like FTTP.

Sagitta, Hauppauge, NY,
Corning Cable Systems, Hickory, NC,

The upgraded OFM-500 optical-fiber open architecture mapping software can now help service providers delivering voice, data, and video over FTTX to determine the best fiber-optic route to connect two points as well as manage innerduct connections and usage, in addition to its existing ability to hone in on the exact location of faults, outages, affected nodes, and customer sites and shed light on the entire network. By identifying the best fiber-optic route according to criteria specified by the user, such as the lowest attenuation, shortest length, or minimum number of connections, the software eliminates countless hours finding spare fibers in each cable and virtually splicing the fibers. The software also manages ducts and innerducts, which is significant for operators who want to limit their up-front investment for access networks by installing inner ducts that will be filled with cables at a later date when demand increases. For each section of the access network, the software indicates information regarding the usage of ducts and inner ducts, the cables inside the ducts and inner ducts, and the customers served by those cables. When it is necessary to modify the network for maintenance tasks, the user will know which customers or services are likely to be affected.

Acterna, Germantown, MD,

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