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Yankee Group (www.yankeegroup.com) and the FTTH Council Europe (www.ftthcouncil.
eu) released findings of a study in which Yankee Group analyzed the portfolios of 20 global next-generation access service providers and

interviewed their key executives. Following up on the December 2008 Yankee Group report, “Fiber to the World: A State of the Union Report on FTTH,” Yankee Group Senior Analyst Benoît Felten and Program Manager Vince Vittore revealed several key findings at the FTTH Council Europe Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark:

  • Providers with legacy DSL services have found that FTTH generates ARPU of 20% to 30% higher than DSL.
  • A number of FTTH operations around the world have broken even already, after only a few years of operation.
  • HDTV is increasingly a key acquisition driver but requires the whole content ecosystem to shift to HD to succeed.
  • The next wave of revenues will come from further integration of wireline and wireless networks as well as wider-economy services such as home security and tele-education.
  • Two-way video communication will be the enabler service that truly allows the bloom of partnership-driven wider-economy services.

The number of economies where FTTH has established a significant market presence has nearly doubled over the past 18 months, according to an updated global ranking issued by the FTTH Councils of Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America at the FTTH Council Europe's annual conference. The rankings track the level of FTTH market penetration in economies where more than 1% of households are connected directly into high-speed fiber networks. In all, 20 economies met this threshold, up from 14 in July 2008 and 11 in July 2007. The growth is largely due to the entry of several European countries in the ranking; the total number of FTTH subscribers in Europe now approaches 2 million.

Motorola Inc. (www.motorola.com) has struck a three-year agreement with Alloptic Inc. (www.alloptic.com) to acquire exclusive rights to offer Alloptic's RF over glass (RFoG) and GEPON products to “leading cable operators worldwide.” According to Tom Anderson, director of product marketing for Alloptic, the agreement covers “the largest Tier 1 carriers in North America, Europe, and Asia.”

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