Wow! Internet taking gigabit speeds to five U.S. markets

By the end of this year, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone plans to launch broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps to new and existing residential and business customers in five U.S. cities. The gigabit markets include Huntsville and Auburn, AL; Evansville, IN; Knoxville, TN; and Grosse Pointe Shores, MI.

According to WOW!, this rollout will be the first time gigabit speeds will be available in the Evansville and Auburn markets, where existing customers will only have to upgrade their modems to receive the new service. Meanwhile, Grosse Point Shores represents WOW!'s largest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) investment to date.

"In many of our markets, we are already offering the highest speeds available with our 600 Mbps Internet service," says Steven Cochran, chief executive office at WOW!. "By enabling 1-gig internet over our existing coax plant and through our targeted fiber to the home investment, WOW! is demonstrating its commitment to continually innovate and deliver products that help our residential and business customers to connect."

The new broadband service promises to enable residential users to stream high-definition video with little or no delay and download movies, songs and TV shows much faster. Multiple-device customers using a single Internet connection will find much more bandwidth availability. WOW! is also assuring its customers the ability to support the growth of personal and smart home devices, such as appliances, home automation, security and telemedicine.

Business customers should experience easier access to business-critical cloud-based applications. Smaller businesses will have a more competitive alternative for speed and services that were previously only affordable for larger enterprises. This will encourage small business growth through easy expansion of broadband network services, WOW! asserts.

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