ETISALAT selects Alcatel's Litespan multiservice access nodes for first deployment of 100,000 lines

Jan. 15, 2001
ETISALAT, the telecommunications operator of the United Arab Emirates and a telecom operator in the Middle East, has selected Alcatel's Litespan 1540 multiservice access nodes.

ETISALAT, the telecommunications operator of the United Arab Emirates and a telecom operator in the Middle East, has selected Alcatel's Litespan 1540 multiservice access nodes. The Alcatel Litespan 1540 fits into ETISALAT's deployment plans for fiber-based access nodes for the year 2001 and beyond. ETISALAT will start deploying 100,000 lines throughout the coming year, in the urban and business areas of the Emirates' major cities (including Abu Dhabi, Dubai).

Alcatel's solution combines the V5.2 open interface advantages with the capability to flexibly integrate different services (from narrowband to broadband) as well as different transport technologies (SDH or PDH) managed by a single Network Management System. ETISALAT will therefore be able to capitalize on the Alcatel Litespan 1540's broadband capabilities to provide its customers with ADSL as well as ISDN and data services, from a single access node.

Alcatel Litespan is an integrated multiservice access node, enabling an operator to deliver multiple services to an area from a single node. It is an "invest as you grow" solution delivering any combination of voice and data services for residential and business, serving the always-changing narrowband and broadband needs of end-users in a smooth, seamless way.

The Alcatel Litespan-1540 (ETSI standard) and Alcatel Litespan-2000 (ANSI standard) product range offers maximum flexibility and scalability in terms of available services, from standard telephony and leased lines to xDSL, operating over copper or fiber. Litespan combines ADSL and narrowband line terminations on the same shelf and offers greater subscriber capacity per board�30 POTS/16 ISDN BA�so less hardware and floor space is needed, with the related savings for operators. The SDH transport is fully integrated in the platform offering a "fiber-to-the-economical point" solution.

Alcatel's Litespan-1540 supports mixed network technologies (TDM, ATM, IP) and topologies (ring, star, tree or a mix; copper, Fiber to the Curb, Fiber to the Home or Business). It is also capable to work in a multi-vendor environment, thanks to the availability of open interfaces (V5.1/V5.2).

The Alcatel Litespan-1540 includes a network management solution that is compliant with ITU TMN standards and can work as a stand-alone system or be integrated with other existing or new network management layers.

About Alcatel:

Alcatel builds next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data networking solutions to established and new carriers, as well as enterprises and consumers worldwide.

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