Occam Networks unveils high-density Gigabit Ethernet FTTP blade

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 -- Occam Networks Inc. has announced the addition of the high-capacity Gigabit Ethernet BLC 6316 to its BLC 6000 multi-service access platform (MSAP).

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 -- Occam Networks Inc. (search Lightwave for Occam) has announced the addition of the high-capacity Gigabit Ethernet BLC 6316 to its BLC 6000 multi-service access platform (MSAP). Offering the industry's highest port density in the most compact footprint, according to Occam, service providers can serve up to 576 Ethernet FTTP customers from a 12-RU platform.

Commercial availability is expected in Q1 2010 as part of the Occam OS 7.0 system release.

"Many service providers are making the move from copper to fiber networks, but must transition incrementally, as subscriber demand and budgets dictate. Concurrently, as providers are deploying more equipment, often in fixed spaces, these providers are increasingly concerned about the space and energy requirements consumed by network infrastructure," said Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst and director of research at Broadbandtrends.com, a telecommunications-industry-focused analyst firm. "Occam's new BLC 6316 OLT blade facilitates this transition with its high port density, compact footprint, and energy savings features, enabling service providers to make the transition smoothly and effectively."

Whether deployed as a standalone network element supporting a single node or in a high-capacity chassis with a mix of technologies, the BLC 6316 is designed to enable service providers to easily transition from copper to fiber networks, one 48-port blade at a time. The blade also supports carrier grade 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) transport while simultaneously subtending downstream nodes via resilient 10GbE. The 6316 with integrated 10GbE eliminates the need for additional network elements and scales to meet both broadband demands and middle-mile capacity requirements, Occam asserts.

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) services are also supported for SMBs and enterprises converging towards Gigabit Ethernet WANs. With an embedded suite of service-aware software, the BLC 6316 is engineered to ensure reliable delivery of E-Line and E-LAN business Ethernet services, enabling service providers to standardize on a single MSAP for both residential and business applications, thereby simplifying operations.

When compared to alternative Gigabit Ethernet FTTP offerings, the BLC 6316 reduces the amount of physical space required in Gigabit Ethernet FTTP deployments by as much as 75%, Occam says. Further, Occam expects that operators will realize significant power savings -- as much as 25-30% per subscriber when compared to alternative approaches.

"Service providers need simple, cost effective solutions that will also help them efficiently transition from copper to fiber architectures," said Juan Vela, director, solutions marketing and strategy for Occam Networks. "In addition to facilitating this transition, the BLC 6316 provides the highest port density available, which saves space, lowers power consumption and reduces HVAC costs to the service provider, important considerations in today's energy conscious business environment."

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