OFS launches enhanced MiDia FX PLUS cable

SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 -- The cable is now offered with up to 144 fiber counts to maximize capacity of metropolitan fiber access.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 -- OFS, a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of fiber-optic network products, is now offering its enhanced MiDia FX PLUS cable, available with up to 144 fiber counts for expanded use in air-blown microduct installations, including networks in heavily congested metropolitan areas.

According to OFS, the lightweight, flexible design of MiDia FX PLUS cable helps save time and money with fast and easy air-blown installation. Used in conjunction with microducts, the cable’s small size and capability for air-blown installation technology creates routes through congested ducts. The ability to use space in existing ducts eliminates the need for disruptive excavation and costly construction of new duct right-of-ways in urban areas.

"The availability of higher fiber counts enhances this cable's ability to help providers in the future to consistently maintain high-performance fibers including OFS’AllWave FLEX ZWP singlemode fiber in their networks, while helping to avoid the cost of procuring additional rights-of-way and constructing new ducts," says William Kloss, executive vice president of marketing and sales, North America & CALA. "The MiDia FX PLUS cable helps our customers to reduce their initial network build investment by deploying fiber only as needed to meet demand."

OFS is exhibiting at the 2009 FTTH Conference, Booth #315, in Houston, TX, from Sept. 28-Oct. 1.

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