FTTH infrastructure will "make cable TV obsolete"

June 1, 2002

After two years of research and business development, LBDC International - a Multiple System Operator start-up based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands - is aiming to revolutionise the CATV, Internet and communications industries with a high-bandwidth approach to fibre-to-the home (FTTH) which will boost broadband services over its infrastructures. These include: real video-on-demand; "hundreds" of digital TV and radio channels; and a layer of interactive services such as always-on Internet access.

The announcement was made at May's "European Last-mile & Broadband Infrastructures Debate" in Rotterdam on broadband technologies and infrastructures such as CATV, xDSL, Digital Terrestrial, Satellite and FTTH.

LBDC International's president and CEO Neal Lachman said, "In the near future there will be a huge need for reliable transmission of broadband services and data traffic. People are steadily developing the need for working at this rate as well as for entertainment via true broadband services, but they are stuck with Cable and DSL.

"Our connection to the home will make Cable-TV and DSL systems obsolete because their capacity is just a fraction of what FTTH can deliver."

Chief technology officer Gregory Nemitz adds that, "We have chosen to focus mainly on spectrum license-free laser optic solutions for the last mile. Our in-building solution is based on multi-mode or single-mode fibre cables to the home.

"This gives us the benefit of being able to transmit the same bandwidth bit rates as over fibre optics without the limitations of the bureaucracies and huge fundraising efforts. We chose laser-optic solutions for the last-mile for overcoming any potential delays in the network implementation."