World Wide Packets intros LightningEdge 135B

MARCH 20, 2007 -- World Wide Packets has announced the LightningEdge 135B (LE-135B), an Ethernet access platform. The 135B has integrated VoIP technology from World Wide Packets' strategic partner, Mediatrix.

MARCH 20, 2007 -- World Wide Packets (search for World Wide Packets) has announced the LightningEdge 135B (LE-135B), an Ethernet access platform. The 135B has integrated VoIP technology from World Wide Packets' strategic partner, Mediatrix. The combined offering is designed to deliver scalable, resilient, and cost-effective triple-play services such as voice, video, and data to service provider and business networks.

The LE-135B leverages the features of World Wide Packets' LightningEdge Operating System (LE-OS) as well as the Mediatrix 0124 for enhanced VoIP services. It supports carrier-class features such as guaranteed and explicit quality of service ("hard" QoS) and rapid restoration of services in case of network or equipment problems. It also has security features to protect the edge of the network and the ability to interoperate with core network security protocols. The LE-135B's hardware design combined with LE-OS and Mediatrix support enables the device to deliver triple-play features and a wide range of critical business and residential services, according to the company.

"World Wide Packets' LightningEdge platform provides customers with the scalable and flexible triple-play services they require to cost-effectively expand their service offerings to subscribers," said Marc Skinner, director of sales - Americas for Mediatrix. "In an ever-increasing competitive landscape for service providers, we anticipate the combined offering will provide them with several distinct advantages from a cost, performance and integration perspective."

According to World Wide Packets, the LE-135B offers several key services and benefits including:

  • Carrier-class voice: The integrated Mediatrix 0124 enables cost-effective VoIP deployments in service provider, MDU, and MTU applications. The integrated offering saves bandwidth and provides a web interface giving users convenient access to the unit for initial set-up and factory loaded configurations for easy deployment. In addition, an optional intelligent PSTN bypass enables Mediatrix 0124 users to make emergency calls and maintain their phone service in the event of a power outage or network failure.

  • Carrier-class QoS: The LE-135B offers "hard" QoS, video multicast services and Q-in-Q VLAN tag stacking. It is designed to enable easy management of congestion, latency, and jitter tolerance. It also guarantees bandwidth for enforceable and reliable service-level agreements and maximizes application flexibility.

  • Carrier-class OAM: The LE-135B platform supports a rich set of standards-based features for optimal OAM and connectivity fault management (CFM) capabilities. Enhanced OAM and CFM enable the LE-135B to share and distribute management information across point-to-point links as well as across end-to-end, point-to-point, or point-to multipoint connections.

  • Increased reliability and resiliency: LE-135B delivers the carrier-class reliability and availability needed for today's business-critical network services. The LE-OS is architected with a run-time kernel which delivers reliability and high availability by protecting against complete operating system failures. LE-135B also delivers industry-leading resiliency with an advanced optimization of the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1w).

  • Advanced security: The LE-135B delivers advanced security features that protect the access points of the network and are interoperable with security protocols in the core of the network.

    "With the addition of the LE-135B, World Wide Packets can now offer its customers a more robust solution for the delivery of enhanced triple play services," said Chad Whalen, senior vice president of sales and marketing for World Wide Packets. "Today's business and residential subscribers demand the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost. Our new offering with Mediatrix integration provides the scalability, resiliency and price point necessary to meet this demand."

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