Fujikura offers universal mechanical splicer for FTTH

Aug. 6, 2007
AUGUST 6, 2007 -- Fujikura Europe Ltd. has announced the launch of its newly upgraded Universal Mechanical Splice system aimed at the European FTTH market.

AUGUST 6, 2007 -- Fujikura Europe Ltd. (search for Fujikura Europe) has announced the launch of its newly upgraded Universal Mechanical Splice (UMS) system, the latest addition to its portfolio of products aimed at the exploding European FTTH market.

Fujikura says its UMS system is capable of splicing all standard telecom fibre from 250 to 900 µm with a unique single-handed action. The lightweight, handheld wedge tool device, measuring 142x57x22 mm, is designed to allow engineers to perform essential fibre connections quickly and easily. The UMS system also offers a cost-efficient alternative to the use of pre-connectorized cables for FTTH installations, according to the company.

"This newly designed mechanical splicer offers outstanding usability for field engineers," said Brian Leonard, product manager at Fujikura Europe. "The product is exceptionally simple to use, requiring minimal training to produce reliable splices.

"With the Fujikura UMS system, operators all over Europe looking at rapid deployments of FTTH services have a product that is low cost and extremely efficient; engineers in the field will be able to splice quickly and accurately, facilitating rapid deployments and helping to ensure minimal downtime in the event of loss of service."

The Fujikura UMS system has been tested in accordance with the conditions and criteria referenced in 'Telcordia GR-765-CORE Generic Requirements for Single Fiber Single-Mode Optical Splices and Splicing Systems', demonstrating maximum insertion loss of 0.5 dB and an average return loss of 40 dB.

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