Net to Net enables IP-based video with new MicroDSLAM

9 October 2002 -- Net to Net Technologies, Newbury, Berkshire, has launched its new ADSL MicroDSLAM, the AmD8000-12.

9 October 2002 -- Net to Net Technologies, Newbury, Berkshire, has launched its new ADSL MicroDSLAM, the AmD8000-12.

The AmD8000-12 is a 12-port ADSL DSLAM that supports both Full Rate and G.lite ADSL operation and is designed for street cabinet and small remote site deployment. It measures only 28x216x292mm deep and is environmentally hardened to withstand the exposed environment of the street cabinet.

In addition to voice and data traffic, the ADSL MicroDSLAM supports features that allow telecom operators and service providers to deliver IP video services over copper. These features include S=1/2 ADSL, which allows for up to 10.5Mbit/s downstream data rates, and IGMP snooping, which allows the DSLAM to intelligently forward data streams (TV channels) only to those ports which are requesting that particular channel.

These features enable the provider to support up to three set-top boxes at each customer premise, along side high-speed data and voice services. These "triple play" services allows telcos to derive up to three times the revenue from a subscriber over the single copper pair.

Net to Net's DSLAM support for IP Video is unique; other DSLAMs on the market today deliver video using ATM technology rather than native IP Ethernet. Like all Net to Net DSLAMs, the Am8000-12 is IP aware and Ethernet-based, which includes the features that mean that the video head-end equipment and the ADSL MicroDSLAM will only forward those channels that have an active set top box requesting the channel

ATM-based DSLAMs require all channels to be forwarded to the DSLAM, regardless of whether or not any user is actually requesting that channel, which results in inefficient use of backbone bandwidth.

The Net to Net solution drastically reduces the number of PVCs required for IP video in a DSL network. The Net to Net products only require a single PVC between the DSLAM and ADSL modem, ATM-based DSL solutions may require as many as 4 to 6 PVCs through the entire broadband network, which results in a complex network that does not scale effectively.

"Our ADSL MicroDSLAM will allow our telecom operator and service provider customers to deliver the triple play services of voice, video, and high-speed data, all in a small enough form factor to fit in the street cabinet or to accommodate low density remote sites," said Keith Hoult, Managing Director Net to Net Technologies EMEA.

"We've deployed nearly 50 of Net to Net's ADSL MiniDSLAMs already, and we're excited to rollout the ADSL MicroDSLAM to our smaller remote cabinets," stated Terry Lowe, Plant Manager for Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company, headquartered in Green City, MO. "Net to Net is unmatched in delivering a high quality product that is simple, easy to use, and allows even small telcos like NEMR to make money on DSL. This is the platform that we will use to deliver high-speed Internet today, and IP video tomorrow."

Net to Net's ADSL MicroDSLAM supports IEEE 802.1Q VLANs, including 802.1p prioritisation, as well as IP QoS, which allows for multiple services (such as voice, video, or data) to flow over a single virtual circuit. Competitive DSLAMs require ATM QoS, which requires a separate virtual circuit for each service type. The Amd8000-12 also offers flexible uplink options that include loop bonding capable E1 as well as 100 Mbps Ethernet copper or fibre, allowing for a variety of network configurations.

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