Kuehne & Nagel expands services from Equant with new IP VPN deal

11 June 2003 Paris Lightwave Europe--Global IP and data services provider Equant has announced that Kuehne & Nagel has joined its growing list of IP VPN customers.

11 June 2003 Paris--Global IP and data services provider Equant has announced that Kuehne & Nagel has joined its growing list of IP VPN customers.

Equant has been providing the company LAN Access services since 1999 to connect offices and other facilities in more than 35 countries. Equant has also provided K&N with project management and network analysis services. The latest contract builds on this strong relationship with an Equant IP VPN solution to connect 72 additional sites throughout Europe.

Michael Dembeck, manager of Corporate Networks at Kuehne & Nagel, said, "Equant IP VPN, using its three classes of service, will help us prevent network bottlenecks by prioritizing business-critical traffic to maintain optimum application response time at peak periods."

K&N selected Equant IP VPN to deliver the following benefits:
- Any-to-any connectivity that allows new offices to be added quickly with "plug and play" capabilities.
- Robust and reliable networking to deliver mission-critical applications
- Flexibility to add extranet partners to the network.
- A solid business platform for future convergence services such as Voice and Video for IP VPN.
- Dedicated customer service through a designated Customer Service Manager, a local support team, and Global Customer Service Centers in every region of the world.

About Equant IP VPN
Launched in August 1999, Equant IP VPN was the industry's first MPLS-based IP VPN solution and is the most extensively deployed service today, with availability in more than 140 countries. Over the last three years, Equant has steadily expanded the convergence capabilities of its IP VPN platform, first with Equant Voice for IP VPN, which has been adopted by 90 of Equant's 800 IP VPN customers.

In February 2002, Equant launched IP Telephony as the industry's first desktop-to-desktop, carrier-grade IP telephony solution with global availability in more than 75 countries.

In September 2002, Equant announced Video for IP VPN - the first service with a dedicated IP Class of Service for high-quality videoconferences on the same connection as voice and data traffic. Last December, Equant added the industry's first Modular VPN feature set, enabling its IP VPN customers to create communities within their solution. In February 2003, Equant announced the availability of DSL Access for VPN, and on 15 May 2003, Equant introduced the first IP video conferencing solution with a video-specific class of service on a fully convergent private global network.

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