Travekom launches new broadband service across Marconi Access Hubs

July 14, 2003
14 July 2003 London Lightwave Europe--Marconi Corp plc has announced that TraveKom, a local network operator in northern Germany, is to use its Access Hub product to launch a broadband service range and become a full-scale Internet Service Provider (ISP).

- becomes Marconi's first publicly announced customer in Germany for its next-generation broadband multi-service access node

14 July 2003 London Lightwave Europe--Marconi Corp plc today announced that TraveKom, a local network operator in northern Germany, is to use its Access Hub product to launch a broadband service range and become a full-scale Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Until now, TraveKom's focus has been on 2-Mbit/s or more leased-line services in the Lübeck and Hamburg area. Marconi's Access Hubs will enable it to launch voice, video and data services to its customers as well as connecting them directly to the Internet. It is the first publicly announced sale of the Access Hub in Germany.

TraveKom will launch its new services across Access Hubs offering a range of Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) connections. These include Asynchronous DSL (ADSL) and Global Symmetrical High-data-rate DSL (G.SHDSL).

TraveKom's Access Hubs can also support features such as software-configured Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) that virtually connect PCs on different locations over the same wire. In addition to its new services, TraveKom will use its new Access Hubs to continue its existing 2-Mbit/s leased lines. The operator is also considering investing in voice transfer and Broadband Remote Access Servers (BRASs) for its broadband services.

TraveKom´s decision to choose the Access Hub builds on a strong, existing relationship with Marconi. The company already uses Marconi's ServiceOn Access network management system, which will now be used to operate its Access Hubs. The new agreement also includes hardware supply, implementation and maintenance as well as all necessary training of TraveKom's operational staff.

The TraveKom agreement follows BT's decision last month to place Marconi's Access Hubs at the heart of its next-generation broadband network in the UK. Access Hubs are also used by operators in France, Italy, Jersey, South Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Access Hub
The Marconi Access Hub is establishing the next generation of access platforms to deliver multiple broadband services, not just high speed internet.

It has been designed to carry high-speed data, ethernet, video and broadcast TV, as well as traditional voice telephony. The Access Hub combines the functionality of Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) with the ability to aggregate all traffic types with one of the industry's highest port densities and lowest running costs.

DSLAMs are devices usually located in an operator's central office or telephone exchange. They aggregate DSL connections, typically a pair of copper wires running to each customer's premises, grooming, sending and receiving their traffic to and from the core network. With up to 40Gbit/s of bandwidth on the backplane, the Access Hub is ideal for operators migrating their network to meet future demand for high bandwidth services.

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