Novus Communications selects Asante switch for broadband deployment in Canada

May 15, 2001
May 15, 2001--Novus Telecommunications has selected the Asante IntraCore 6524 switch to provide broadband Internet access to residences in apartment complexes across Canada.

Novus Telecommunications has selected the Asante IntraCore 6524 switch to provide broadband Internet access to residences in apartment complexes across Canada. Novus has successfully completed the installation of 5 apartment buildings in Vancouver B.C. using the IntraCore 6524.

Novus is currently operating in Vancouver and provides television and high-speed Internet services to approximately 3,000 subscribers in 45 buildings in Vancouver. Novus is in the process of rolling-out service in Toronto and plans to expand its operations into other major urban markets in 2002.

Novus is using the IntraCore 6524 to provide switched 10/100 Ethernet to apartment residents. IntraCore's 6524s are interconnected via Gigabit Ethernet. For some apartment buildings, Novus is running Gigabit Ethernet over single-mode fiber to the apartment building. Novus uses Extreme Networks' layer 3 switches to provide a routed Gigabit Ethernet connection to the apartment building.

The IntraCore 6524 offers a unique combination of features and price that make it the preferred Ethernet switch for Ethernet-based multi-tenant networks. The 6524 features 24 switched 10/100 ports and 2 integrated-switched Gigabit Ethernet ports (2 GBIC interfaces). The IntraCore 6524 delivers wired-speed switched 10/100 to connect apartment residents to the network and supports moving data/voice/video over Ethernet/IP at the highest speeds available.

The 6524 offers the following features for the multi-tenant market:

* Tenant-to-tenant security so that tenants can not "see" each other's computers on the network. Port-level security: the ability to specify which Ethernet address is authorized to connect to each port.

* Tracks Ethernet and IP addresses for each tenant attached to easily locate the physical port of an attached tenant device by Ethernet or IP address. This also includes the ability to send an SNMP trap if a duplicate IP address are encountered.

* Usage tracking per port so providers can provide usage-based billing. Standard-Based IGMP multicasting allowing the distribution of multicast video over Ethernet/IP using open standards-based protocols.

* High-Bandwidth wire-speed switch architecture with integrated Gigabit Ethernet to support video distribution over Ethernet/IP.

The IntraCore 6524 has an estimated retail price of $1499 with one 1000BaseSX port, plus Asante offers discounts for service providers. Asante also offers IntraCore Gigabit Ethernet switches to aggregate IntraCore 6524 for large multi-tenant networks.

By using multi-tenant networks the "distance problem" found in trying to run broadband internet connections to homes is removed. Since the tenant is so close to the switching equipment, a provider can use Ethernet local area networking technology to connect tenants to the network. Ethernet for multi-tenant offers the following benefits over other multi-tenant broadband technologies:

* Provides up to 100 Mbps of throughput to the tenant -- up to 200x the speed of DSL and Cable.

* Supports up to 3 HDTV digital transmissions simultaneously per tenant.

* Support for voice over IP.

* Does not require an external powered modem at the tenant location. (DSL and cable Internet access require an external powered modem at the tenant -- increasing complexity and adding potential points of failure.)

* No additional software is required on the tenant computer. (Some DSL and cable modems require special driver software to be installed on the computer to access the Internet.)

About Asante:

Asante Technologies provides network solutions for the education, enterprise, and service provider marketplace. For more information, visit

About Novus:

Novus is an Internet service provider in Canada and offers high-speed Internet, TV, and telephone services that incorporate technology from a single source on a single bill.

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