Comtrend unveils modular NID/residential gateway supporting FTTH

NOVEMBER 8, 2006 -- Comtrend's NID supports EPON, GPON, VDSL2, and bonded ADSL2+ standards and is fully TR-69 compliant.

NOVEMBER 8, 2006 -- Comtrend Corp., supplier of broadband, VoIP, and data networking equipment, has announced the release of its CT-400 Series fiber Network Interface Device (NID), which it claims is the first device of its kind to offer a totally modular and customizable design approach.

The CT-400, Comtrend's first fiber NID, gives service providers a full range of choices for WAN interface, home networking, and physical enclosure, ensuring a reliable Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) offering that never needs to be replaced, say company representatives.

The CT-400, a family of intelligent residential gateways, gives providers new ability to choose which off-the-shelf modules it wishes to incorporate for its particular deployment needs. Modules are offered supporting both GPON and EPON fiber deployment standards, while options for ADSL2+ Bonded and VDSL2 can be incorporated in conventional DSL copper wire situations. Inside the home, MOCA, Powerline, and MPNA V3 home networking interfaces also are available.

Because the CT-400 is an intelligent NID, the unit can integrate IPTV, VoIP, data, and home networking, providing the next-generation triple-play delivery that is quickly becoming the service standard, says the company. Its TR-69 compliance means providers can remotely control all management activities for the customer and surrounding network.

"Comtrend's unique modular approach means more choices for the service provider," reports Andrew Morton, Comtrend's general manager. "With a common platform to support, service providers can mix-and-match their deployments, yet service only a single interface through their call centers. The CT-400 is a CPE solution as advanced as fiber networking itself."

The CT-400 includes Gigabit Media Interface (GMI) busses that enable high-speed connection between the WAN module and the device's Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch. Up to eight Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces can be accommodated; the unit also supports a GbE WAN interface, enabling it to be connected to an unintelligent NID (optical bridge) on the side of the house using GbE copper wire.

Other features include two mini-PCI interfaces for WiFi or home networking use, along with two FXS, one FXO, and SIP support for VoIP connection.

Comtrend's CT-400 products are available in a choice of conventional NID or residential gateway modem-style enclosures.

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