2008 FTTH Conference Product Showcase

Th 294578
Th 294578

Satellite distribution technology
DIRECTV MFH3 - Release 2, is an IP-based satellite distribution technology for the MDU, master-planned communities and commercial applications. Developed by Thomson, MFH3 is part of the company�s "FTTH Made Easy" systems integration package. The new release includes higher capacity than the previous one, enhanced redundancy, and the ability to support local content insertion. With DIRECTV receiver hardware and enhanced software, MFH3 Gateway technology enables efficiency with near error-free delivery of DIRECTV programming, claims the company.
AFL Telecommunications,
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The DiamondWave PONConnect streamlines fiber management, enables remote troubleshooting, and speeds deployment of new fiber services, according to company claims. The PONConnect supports any PON variation, including APON (aka BPON), EPON (aka GE-PON), GPON, RFOG (RF over glass), and WDM-PON. The system enables remote fiber construction certification, auto-provisioning of subscribers, efficient loading of subscribers onto optical line terminals, splitter grooming/churn management, and 1:N OLT port redundancy.
Calient Networks,
Th 294583

The V-Linx Spool & Play Solution can simplify MDU deployments and speed up installation. A simple set of spool-and-play hardware allows a small service team of one or two people to install the entry distribution cabinet, route a few factory-built riser assemblies, and plug drop boxes to the riser into the MDU. The system is designed to minimize multiple long-run riser installations and eliminate splice time.

Fiber-optic passive device DVD
The Model W-6D-201 Fiber-optic Passive Device training DVD examines passive components and optical sub-assemblies, including WDM devices, optical switches, filters, gratings, isolators, wavelength lockers, dispersion compensators, and circulators.
LightBrigade Inc.,
www.lightbrigade.comTh 294586

The Lynx CustomFit connector enables field technicians to customize terminations in the field, ensuring quick, accurate, and permanent connectorizations, claims the company. Use of the Lynx CustomFit connector eliminates the necessity and associated costs of maintaining an inventory of splice trays, adhesives, and varying lengths of preterminated jumpers.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,

The field-assembly fiber-optic connector conforms to TIA/EIA 568A and Telecordia GR-236 requirements. According to company claims, when using simple tools, a person can assemble the connector in fewer than two minutes. No polishing tool or electricity is needed, and low insertion loss and high performance are guaranteed.
PDR Videotronics Pvt Ltd.,
Th 294590

Singlemode OTDR
The Noyes OFL280 is a handheld, singlemode OTDR optimized for FTTx testing. The unit features an optical power meter, laser source, visual fault locator, and 12-hour battery life, and comes in two new models: 1310/1490/1550 nm for PON construction testing, and 1310/1550/1625 nm with filter for live network testing. The filtered model puts all wavelengths on a single port, with live fiber detection, to ensure network-safe, user-friendly operation.
AFL Telecommunications,
Th 294591

The AXS-200/650 IP Triple-Play Test Set offers a thorough method for deploying triple-play services, claims the company. Optimized for FTTH IP triple-play service commissioning and verification, this unit simplifies residential IP triple-play testing with clear pass/fail indication. It helps ensure IPTV and VoIP service assurance through a range of quality of service metrics, while assessing Internet connectivity. Be it for IP-based data, VoIP, or IPTV, the AXS-200/650�s automated tests facilitate the entire process.
Th 294589

The OptoTest OP930 FTTx insertion/return-loss tester can be controlled directly from the front panel or via USB. Insertion and return loss are displayed simultaneously using the automation software, OPL-Pro, for quad wavelengths (1310/1490/1550/1625 nm), and all data is output directly to Excel. Accessories include remote head detectors, remote head integrating sphere, various adapters, and multi-channel capabilities.
OptoTest Corp.,
Th 294592

Splicing trailer
The Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer "POD" is aerodynamically designed and is made of fiberglass and aluminum. The trailer weighs 1 ton, fully equipped, and can be towed by light-duty vehicles. The trailer has a 6 ft 4-in interior height, which affords a well-lit workspace. Cabinetry allows considerable storage space. Torsion suspension is durable for off-road usage, yet the POD can be maneuvered by one person on a level surface.
Th 294593

The EdgeGate 483S indoor/outdoor FTTH CPE delivers voice, video, and data services to homes, small offices/home offices
(SOHOs), and small enterprises. The CPE offers ILECs, utilities, municipalities, and greenfield developers a way to offer high reliability and availability triple-play services. When used with the company�s carrier-class L2/L3 switches, the EdgeGate483S provides an end-to-end active Ethernet FTTx (home/curb/business) product.
Telco Systems,
Th 294594

Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Sub-MSA Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) have a footprint measuring 71�43�12 mm and power dissipation of <2.5 W. The units are suitable for dissipation and space-limited single channel and DWDM applications. Up to 17-dBm output is available for single channel, and 16-dBm output is available for DWDM EDFAs. The amplifiers have input and output monitors and dedicated digital and analog circuitry for control, alarms, and monitors, and come with RS-232/I2C interface.
Nuphoton Technologies Inc., www.nuphoton.comTh 294595

CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) features bandwidth up to 2.5 Gbits/sec and transmission distance of 20 km or more. According to the company, the system has a low operation cost because it has fewer active components, as well as remote management capability. It has high availability of the fiber infrastructure as well as good interoperability. The unit can carry voice, data, and video (CATV and/or IPTV) traffic on the same platform and features QoS and SLA support.
Photop Technologies Inc.,

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