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Th 214995
Th 214995

The UNP-MOD-24P and UNP-MOD-48P modular panels, configured for both copper and fiber connections, are designed for high-speed data, voice, and multimedia premises networks. The panels use snap-in distribution modules and allow the outlets to be terminated from the front or rear of the frame. Panels mount in standard 19-inch racks with universal hole spacing, support 24 ports in a 1-U and 48 ports in a 2-U configuration, and allow for independent installation and removal of Uniprise information outlets. Other features include easily removable six-port modules, front-facing labels, and clear label covers. The adapters can be used in port openings to support S-Video outlets, RCA adapters, BNC adapters, coaxial couplers, and LC, SC, and ST fiber couplers.

CommScope Uniprise,
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The SureConnect family of internally shielded fiber-optic union adapters includes an internal length of optical fiber that prevents direct physical contact of the polished cable ends to one another, without compromising optical performance. The adapters provide polished surface damage (PSD) protection, the optical analog of ESD protection in electronics. They shield difficult-to-access fiber-optic terminations-such as those within a wall plenum or patch panel-from damage, and should damage occur, are easy to replace and are a less expensive alternative to reconnectorization of the cable.

Telescent, www.telescent.comTh 214997

The FITEL S122’s compact design, dual camera views, and icon-driven operation offer portability, speed, accuracy, and easier operation for installations. The machine weighs 2.3 lb with battery and measures 1.85 inches high at the keypad, compared to 2.8 lb and 2.8 inches high in previous models, and its LCD screen is 40% larger-3.5 inches versus 2.5 in preceding models. It also works with a wider range of fiber types (MM, SM, DSF, NZDS, and fiber ribbon up to four). The splicer delivers a 13-sec splice time for single fiber and 15-sec splice time for four-fiber ribbon. Heat time is 37 to 45 sec (single versus ribbon sleeve), resulting in a total splice/heat time of 60 sec or less. Three-sided heating facilitates a 50% reduction in heat time compared to previous models.

Furukawa America Inc.,

The ZL30116 and ZL30119 phase-locked loops are single-chip ultra­low-jitter devices for managing synchronization in SONET/SDH applications at OC-48/STM-16 rates. Both chips generate three independent clock families, eliminating the need for external dividers or clock-multiplying PLLs. They match reference frequency requirements of any commercial SONET/SDH PHY and deliver a range of selectable output frequencies: 19.44, 38.88, 51.84, 77.76, 311.04, and 622.08 MHz. Both synchronizers are pin-compatible and measure 9×9 mm.

Zarlink Semiconductor,

Preterminated, factory-polished FastCam connectors require no special tools, epoxy, or hand-polishing, allowing rapid installation. The connectors are available in ST and SC styles to fit 250- and 900-µm cables with standard singlemode and 50-µm/62.5-µm multimode fiber options. They are suitable for installation in all types of premises and fiber-to-the-subscriber applications.


NuWIRE fibers can support a lifespan of 22 years with continuous operation at temperatures as high as 125°C, in communication and sensor applications where temperature variations may be large and rapid and where shock stress and vibration are routine. The fibers were designed to support existing infrastructure, as well as to offer improved performance relating to radiation, optical, and mechanical reliability and enhanced bandwidth for next-generation tactical systems. The product family comes with either proprietary high-temperature acrylate (HTA) silicone or polyimide coatings; it includes radiation-resistant multimode fibers (GR50/125-23-HTA, GR62.5/125-27-HTA, GR100/140-24-HTA), radiation-resistant singlemode fiber (R1310-HTA), radiation hard singlemode fiber (S1550-HTA), and bend-insensitive singlemode fiber (1310M-HTA and 1550B-HTA).

Nufern, www.nufern.comTh 214998

Used in FTTH access networks, the 130-nm TK3713 optical network unit (ONU) chip provides necessary features for single-chip, IPTV-capable ONU applications. The chip’s PQFP package reduces the ONU board layer count versus competing BGA packages. It is fully standards-compliant and is designed to interoperate with IEEE 802.3ah-compliant ONUs from other suppliers. Single-chip IPTV features include integrated forward error correction, an ultralow-jitter SerDes, bidirectional encryption, multiple LLIDs per ONU, a line-rate packet-processing engine, and hardware-based SLA enforcement.


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