First GPON solution for the last mile

10 June 2002 -- Atrica Inc has teamed with FlexLight Networks to deliver the first Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) solution for the last mile.

10 June 2002 -- Santa Clara-based metro optical Ethernet equipment provider Atrica Inc - which has R&D facilities in Israel - has teamed with Atlanta-based FlexLight Networks - founded in September 2000 with offices in Kfar Saba, Israel ? to deliver the first Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) solution for the last mile.

Initial tests have been completed to ensure interoperability between Atrica's Optical Ethernet System and FlexLight's GPON solution, prior to joint reference-selling.

"FlexLight has developed a very cost-effective way to break the bottleneck that exists in the last mile," said Michael Fox, Atrica's vp of business development and consulting engineering.

"Our GPON solution delivers the benefits of greater bandwidth per customer, integrated voice and data solutions on a single fibre, longer reach per CO (Central Office) served and a greatly reduced payback period," claims FlexLight's vp of marketing Gary Lee. "Used in conjunction with Atrica's Optical Ethernet System, carriers can realise the promise of metro Ethernet technology - simplicity, ubiquity and above all, dramatic cost savings - to deliver Ethernet data as well as TDM voice solutions to customers located many miles from the metro ring."

Comprised of the A-2100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch, the A-8000 Series Optical Ethernet Core Switches and the Service Platform for Ethernet Networks (ASPEN), the Optical Ethernet System combines standard 10Gigabit Ethernet with optical switching and traffic engineering and management capabilities to deliver the carrier-class capabilities necessary for deployment of Ethernet in the metro, including sub-50ms resiliency, guaranteed SLAs, TDM support and comprehensive service management.

FlexLight's optical access platform serves as the backbone of the access layer. Its Optimate solution enables transport of existing, as well as emerging, protocols over complex topologies. Its solution provides 2.5Gbit/s per optical wavelength across a PON network using CWDM. Optimate provides Fast and Gigabit Ethernet services for data as well as T1/OC3 services for TDM traffic, and carries that traffic through the access network in their native formats with Quality of Service/Class of Service guarantees.

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