Zhone adds two new gateways for Active Ethernet

MARCH 18, 2008 -- Zhone Technologies has announced two new FTTH gateways, including the zNID multimedia outdoor gateway, which brings the same Layer 3 intelligence and QoS features available for GPON to point-to-point Ethernet installations, and the zNID indoor gateway, designed for high-performance WiFi networks.

MARCH 18, 2008 -- Zhone Technologies Inc. (search for Zhone Technologies) today announced two new FTTH gateways. The new models include the zNID multimedia outdoor gateway, which brings the same Layer 3 intelligence and quality-of-service (QoS) features available for GPON to point-to-point Ethernet installations, claim company representatives. Zhone also introduced the zNID indoor gateway designed for high-performance WiFi networks. Both new FTTH gateways provide end-to-end integration with Zhone's IEEE standard Active Ethernet (AE) line card for its MALC Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP).

"Zhone continues to be an innovator in the next-generation access sector, this time bringing advanced management capabilities to FTTH networks for both Active Ethernet and GPON," reports Erik M. Keith, senior analyst for broadband infrastructure at Current Analysis. "Reducing truck rolls while maximizing remote control and management of FTTH subscribers' home networks enables operators to deliver higher QoS and Quality of Experience (QoE) capabilities, thereby enhancing overall service differentiation, which can create an important, even critical competitive advantage," he maintains.

Zhone says its MSAP network strategy gives operators a comprehensive choice of access technologies for delivering new services, ranging from point-to-point AE, GPON, and bonded copper pairs. Network planners are future proofing their infrastructures to prepare for the next generation of applications, including multiple HD streams, supersensory gaming, and the rapid evolution cycles associated with user generated content.

A critical challenge facing carriers is how to effectively integrate home networks to achieve end-to-end performance on par with modernized infrastructures, note Zhone representatives. Traditionally, home networks exist as static islands isolated from the network at large, offering operators little or no remote visibility or advanced management capabilities. Blind subscriber networks can quickly erode the bottom line for carriers. The Yankee Group projects support calls and truck roll costs to top $6.5 billion by 2010 for IPTV alone. Early provisioning mistakes lead to quick customer churn, especially when provisioning IP/HDTV services where the consumer aesthetic is uncompromising. By bringing remote intelligence to the subscriber site, carriers can dramatically reduce provisioning and management costs while improving customer features and total QoE. Further, say company representatives, with the zNID gateway suite, carriers can provide differentiated new services like home video security and anywhere access to electronic command centers within the home via secure virtual private networks (VPNs).

"End-to-end system performance and superior management integration were deciding factors in SRT's selection of Zhone as the primary access vendor for our Active Ethernet build," reports Shawn Grosz, director of network technology for SRT Communications. "Attitude was another factor. Zhone consistently takes an active partnership role in the success and performance of our network and our business."

SRT says it needed to address the digital divide between its metro customers, who receive up to 8-Mbit/sec ADSL service, and its rural customers, who were relegated to dial up speeds. Opting to future proof its rural serving area with fiber, SRT now uses the same MALC platform to provision FTTH to rural locations and ADSL to the metro via its extensive copper network.

Untangling home wiring
Based on the IEEE 802.ah interoperability standard, Zhone's zNID product family provides carriers with a suite of ease-of-use features for service providers and consumers that are new to the industry, says the company. Like the zNID for GPON, service changes or upgrades are managed remotely via Zhone's TR-069 automatic configuration server, the same management standard already used for millions of DSL installations worldwide. The zNID provides versatile deployment options, including standard coax cable or ordinary twisted pair copper, which are standard in most homes. Providers bypass time, costs, and risks associated with in-home drilling and cabling. Using standard jacks, coverage becomes as seamless and intuitive as electricity throughout the entire house at 100+ Mbits/sec.

Ideal for multi-tenant unit (MTU) installations, Zhone's zNID plug and play indoor WiFi gateway is designed for ease of use and installation, claim company representatives. The zNID WiFi gateway operates in bridged and router mode providing 54-Mbit/sec WiFi coverage and 100 Mbits/sec total bandwidth for all voice and data. The indoor zNID gateway supports Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) QoS standard and provides advanced voice quality features for VoIP.

"Bringing a high degree of manageability to subscriber networks enables operators to provide more service differentiation to their customers at lower cost," contends Steven Glapa, vice president of marketing and product management for Zhone. "Beyond management and increased functionality, there is a clear economic advantage to working with well-integrated end-to-end platforms."

According to the company, its zNID 4200 series outdoor multimedia gateway features:
• Easy installation and management of advanced media and home networking services;
• Dual wiring support to provide complete home coverage with no new wiring;
• Intuitive end-user interfaces and value added networking features;
• VoIP, Ethernet, and IPTV via standard coax and/or phone line, POTs, and IPTV support;
• SIP support for intelligent VoIP call processing;
• Remote monitoring and the addition of new services--advanced QoS;
• Multiple management options, including Zhone's standard TR-069 management system already used with millions of DSL installations;
• Single system platform, including firewall security;
• Password protected VPN for anywhere connectivity; and
• The ability to rapidly deploy 100 + Mbits/sec to every home for state-of-the-art multimedia networks.

Zhone's zNID 1100 series indoor WiFi gateway features:
• 100 Mbits/sec total bandwidth with integrated 802.11g WiFi (54-Mbit/sec wireless);
• Bridged or router mode operation;
• Integrated four-Port 10/100Base-T Ethernet Bridge;
• Two VoIP ports with advanced call QoS features and integrated failsafe;
• SIP support for intelligent VoIP call processing;
• Call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, caller ID, and 3-way conferencing;
• Multiple management options, including Zhone's standard TR-069 management system already used with millions of DSL installations; and
• Universal plug and play installation.

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