BroadLight sampling GPON residential gateway SoC

MAY 12, 2008 � Broadlight says it is now delivering fiber samples of its BL2348 GPON residential SoCs for FTTH applications.

MAY 12, 2008 -- GPON semiconductor and software provider BroadLight (search for BroadLight) today announced that is has delivered first samples of its BL2348 GPON Residential Gateway (RG) System-on-Chip (SoC) for FTTH applications. 

In a separate press release, BroadLight also announced today that Askey Computer has designed the highly-integrated BL2348 SoC into its new line of high-performance CPE products.  

BroadLight will be demonstrating the BL2348 at the NXTComm show in Las Vegas, from June 16-19, 2008.

"Customers around the globe are incorporating the BL2348 RG SoC to deliver high-performance GPON-enabled residential gateways that connect the home network directly to the access network," explains Raanan Gewirtzman, BroadLight's CEO. "Customers such as Askey clearly see the market moving towards a one-box RG solution, and the BL2358 enables them to achieve the cost-performance required by service providers."

"As a result of our powerful embedded PONRunner packet processor, our customers can use the BL2348 for high-performance RG or cost-effective ONT applications," adds Didi Ivancovsky, founder and vice president of marketing for BroadLight. "Our GateMaker and PONMaker software are the keys that unlock PONRunner for the two applications."

Broadlight says the BL2348 leverages its PONRunner network processor in a dual-core architecture to perform the necessary layer 2, 3, and 4 packet functions with throughputs of 1 Gbit/sec. Its embedded GPON MAC creates a cost-effective single-chip offering, say company representatives. Other features include:

• High-performance dual core PONRunner architecture for 1-Gbit/sec upstream and downstream throughput for layer 2, 3, and 4 packet processing;
• ITU-T G.984-compliant and interoperability proven GPON MAC;
• Embedded VoIP DSP for four concurrent ports, three-way calling, and T.38 fax;
• GateMaker software for gateway functions of GPON operation, firewall, security, SIP, management, QoS, NAT, etc.;
• PONMaker software for ONT functions of GPON operation, bridging, L2 QoS, etc.;
• Standard interfaces for home networking technologies such as Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n, MoCA, HomePNA, HomePlug, USB; and
• A 19- x 19-mm PBGA-441 package, working at the industrial temperature range.

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