Ethernity Networks releases ENET4000 for PON OLT line cards

FEBRUARY 13, 2008 - Ethernity says its ENET architecture enables system and semiconductor vendors to develop a PON OLT full line card on a single chip.

FEBRUARY 13, 2008 -- Ethernity Networks Ltd, supplier of Access Flow Processors, today announced the PON OLT line card-on-a-chip program, an effort designed to help system and semiconductor vendors to come up with a single-chip device for the entire PON OLT line card.

The company's ENET architecture enables the support of a full PON OLT line card on a single FPGA, due to its inherent support for fragment frames reassembly, GEM header generation, and logical queue support per virtual container at ONU side, and it can support HW acceleration for DBA.

The first release of the ENET4000 FPGA Access Flow Processor is designed to fully support OLT EPON or GPON applications, claims the company. It comes with User side interface selection of 8 x 1-Gbit/sec SGMIIs for EPON, or 4 x 2.5-Gbit/sec SGMII for GPON together with XAUI 10G for backplane/uplink connectivity.

The ENET4000/PON Access Flow Processor supports all the required networking and traffic management functionalities at 15 Gbits/sec and includes integrated SERDESs for direct connectivity to fiber transceivers, notes the company.

Ethernity says the new program enables semiconductor vendors or system vendors that own PON OLT framer technology to use the newly released ENET4000 connected to an External PON Framer and later, through the use of its customization services, integrate the unique customer PON framer technology into the ENET 4000 original architecture.

The ENET4000 main highlights include:

• Integrated search engine;
• Integrated hierarchical programmable traffic manager;
• Flexible interfaces;
• Utilization of external memory chips based on low cost and power DRAM technology;
• Metro Ethernet and TR-101 compliance;
• Integrated SAR and fragment frame handling;
• PBB/PBT support;
• Flexibility, programmability, and field upgradeability; and
• Option for hard copy/ASIC.

The ENET4000 will start field trials in April and is now available for immediate design for new customers. Design kit includes full software, schematics, data sheet, and ATCA evaluation board equipped with 8 SGMII ports, or 4 x 2.5-Gbit/sec SGMII, together with two 1+1 10G XAUI interfaces. The evaluation board can be ordered and is available for customer evaluation and tests.

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