Cortina releases integrated access platform

JUNE 2, 2009 -- The systems supplier touts its latest devices as the industry's first multidwelling unit family of PON products.

JUNE 2, 2009 -- Systems supplier Cortina Systems Inc. (search Lightwave for Cortina) has announced the Cortina Systems Integrated Access platform, its technology development suite for the emerging access network. The Integrated Access platform includes silicon and software devices optimized for 1- to 10-Gigabit EPON, GPON, and active Ethernet access technologies. The company says its platform provides a complete system offering instead of point products for delivering next-generation, bandwidth-intensive services across the access network.

Cortina's Integrated Access platform is intended to enable either quick adaptation of customers' existing systems with the Integrated Access technology or to rapidly build supporting solutions from scratch for the access network.

"Cortina is working closely with worldwide carriers to understand their challenges in managing multiservice access networks," says Balakumar Velmurugan, director, Access Business Unit at Cortina. "Our strategic vision is to enable our customers to offer PON, cable, active Ethernet, and xDSL aggregation solutions utilizing a unified system development platform."

As part of this platform, Cortina also unveiled its CS8x12 product family, which it says is the industry's first multidwelling unit (MDU) product addressing EPON, GPON, and active Ethernet deployments.

"The CS8x12 provides a low-power, cost-optimized, and standards-compliant PON MDU solution that otherwise would require up to three chips," Velmurugan says. "Cortina will announce additional transformational products that address the current and future real-life usage models in the access space."

The CS8x12 is a carrier-class, single-chip MDU device with integrated aggregation switch, carrier-class traffic manager, and Ethernet or xDSL subscriber interface. The CS8x12 product family comprises the CS8212 (GPON) and CS8012 (EPON) system-on-chip (SoC) devices that are currently shipping in volume. Both devices, as part of the Integrated Access platform, share the same software model, can reuse board design rules, and can be configured in active Ethernet configuration to address non-PON-based fiber deployment.

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