Zhone debuts GPON OLT card and home gateway

JUNE 12, 2007 -- Zhone Technologies Inc. has introduced a standards-based GPON optical line terminal card and an FTTH gateway with remote management and monitoring intelligence.

JUNE 12, 2007 -- Zhone Technologies Inc. (search for Zhone) has introduced a standards-based GPON optical line terminal card and an FTTH gateway with remote management and monitoring intelligence. By bringing remote intelligence to the subscriber site, carriers can dramatically reduce provisioning and management costs while improving end-user customer features and quality of experience, Zhone asserts.

Zhone also announced three customers for the new equipment.

Standards based for interoperability, Zhone's zNID gateway is designed to provide carriers with a suite of ease-of-use features for end-consumers and service providers that are unmatched in other gateways. Zhone says its zNID is the only FTTH network gateway to provide Layer 3 intelligence for remote monitoring and traffic prioritization of quality of service (QoS) sensitive media applications. Service changes or upgrades are managed remotely via a TR-069 Automatic Configuration Server, the same management standard already used for DSL installations worldwide.

In addition to remote management and diagnostics, zNID supports HomePNAv3 international standard for multimedia home networking. This enables the use of standard coax cable and ordinary twisted-pair phone line for complete HomePNA coverage with no new wiring. Interfaces are intuitive to the end-user. VoIP phones plug into phone jacks and IPTVs are connected via regular coax. Service providers can deliver advanced triple play, including IPTV and HDTV over standard coax, phones lines or Ethernet with over 100 Mbits/sec of available bandwidth.

Zhone says zNID is also the first gateway to derive its power from the existing phone lines in the home, further eliminating the risks and costs of hiring technicians to drill and run in-home cable.

In addition to advanced digital media, zNID supports traditional services including broadcast television and POTS voice. zNID's resilient thermal enclosure mounts on the outside of the house with a separate fiber tray so the electronic panel can be added upon service activation. Remote Broadband Access (RBA) provides the end-user anywhere-connectivity to their home network via a password protected VPN that can be accessed by mobile phone or remote web browser.

Zhone's ITU G.984 standard GPON OLT card is designed for use with its Multi-Service Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC). Together, Zhone's zNID Intelligent Home Network Gateway and the MALC OLT line card give service providers ease of entry and end-to-end management of triple-play services, the company says. In addition to voice, video, and high-speed Ethernet, Zhone's customers can provide unique consumer offerings. Each GPON line card allows up to 64 subscribers per link using passive optical splitting. Available in three chassis sizes, the MALC-OLT can be scaled in capacity to meet a wide array of service provider deployment needs. The MALC GPON OLT card also can be mixed with other services line cards.

Zhone's new announced customers include Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc., Taylor Telephone Cooperative, and Yadkin Valley Telecom. All three customers cited Layer 3 intelligence in Zhone's FTTH Home Network Gateway and Zhone's Multi-Service BLC platform strategy as key motivators in their decision processes, according to Zhone.

"Zhone's FTTH -GPON system provides the most advanced management capabilities we've seen, coupled with the richest feature set on the market," said Tom White, vice president of engineering for Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc. "The system puts CCI on the forefront of delivering triple play services and gives us the opportunity to streamline inventories by delivering multiple services from a single integrated platform."

"By incorporating Layer 3 intelligence at the subscriber site, Zhone can assert a well-defined competitive advantage over other gateway devices," said Ron Westfall, director of research for Current Analysis. "In addition to differentiated bundled services, Zhone provides operators with a greater range of network control capabilities."

"Zhone's integrated system approach streamlines inventories and synchronizes FTTH service provisioning. On the Central Office side, the efficiencies are compounded in field training, equipment costs and energy savings," said Eric Presworsky, vice president of product management and advanced technology. "By bringing Layer 3 processing to the subscriber site we save service providers in installation and management costs and just as importantly improve service for our customers and the end-consumer."

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